Puffins’ Activity Day – Thursday

Just a quick reminder that Thursday is our activity day. All Puffins will need to wear school uniform and bring a pack up / picnic lunch. You will also need a nut free snack and a drink to take with you to Kimbolton so you will also need a bag or rucksack to put them in.

End of the day arrangements do not need to be changed.

Please keep an eye on the weather – sun cream or waterproof mac?!

Thank you

Mrs Burrin

Puffins’ Class in Action

Thank you so very much for attending our Class in Action today! A total of 24 family members came and shared our learning with us. The children had great fun listening to the adults’ offerings for the Sentence of the Day – the alliteration was fabulous. The drumming was excellent too and I know that the children were very excited about showing off their skills.

I believe that I am still owed two minutes of break time by some adults who talked through the Register!

Mrs Burrin     19/6/17

Info for Puffins

This week the children have received updated information about their weekly schedule. PE days are now back to Mondays and Fridays. Spellings are going to be tested on a Thursday and new spellings handed out then too. This starts this Thursday 8 June.

The children have also been asked to start collecting small boxes ready for an Art project later this term.

Homework is STILL due in on Wednesdays – hopefully this half term everyone will manage this!

We will be having our trip this half term too – more details to follow shortly.

Mrs Burrin 6/6/17

Puffins w/c 22 May

Hello Puffins

Please remember to have your PE kits in school all week. As soon as the field is dry we will be sorting out our racing teams for the Sports Afternoon – hopefully this may happen on Monday :). Then on Wednesday you will be joining forces with the Eagles and Mrs Marriott from HSSP for an afternoon of team building and sports tournament challenges. Friday is PE in the morning and then the Sports Afternoon. After all this activity you’ll need to take your kits home for a wash in Half Term!

Mrs Bell will be joining you on Wednesday for a morning of Gravity experiments. We will be continuing our writing about the sea and the Titanic – last week’s writing was amazing so I’m really looking forward to hearing and reading your results this week.

Mrs Burrin   21/5/17

Puffins 8 May 2017

Hello Puffins!

Hope you are having a glorious weekend!

Don’t forget your new topic homework is due in on Wednesday. I’m really looking forward to studying the History of Toys and Games. Remember to do your work on a piece of A4 paper so that we can make our massive timeline right across the classroom wall! Who did you speak to? Did your interviewee enjoy remembering when they were young enough to play instead of work?

This week’s Maths is based around TIME. Have a quick refresh about how to read an analogue clock  – one of those old-fashioned ones with hands! 🙂

We have our first swimming session on Tuesday 16 May – might be a good time to check your cossie/trunks still fit!

Mrs Burrin

7 May


Puffins – week beginning 24 April

Thank you Puffins for a fabulous and busy week. We have finished off our latest topic on the Earth, Moon and Sun and started to write up our ‘free style’ stories – I’ve never seen so much writing!

Homework this week is a sculpture – it can be in any medium but if it is being brought into school it can be no bigger than a shoebox. I have spoken to the children about this already and they know what they have to do. It can be a temporary sculpture made at home which is then photographed (and then the photo brought in or emailed to me), a wild sculpture made out of natural materials, a Lego creation, a clay or plasticine sculpture, or one made from cardboard. It can be realistic or wacky – we have looked at modern sculpture and we have already come up with lots of ideas so do not be alarmed by your child’s ingenuity!

Results in by Wednesday 3 May please.

Have a glorious weekend and enjoy the lie-in on Monday.

Mrs Burrin

28 April 2017