Robins in India

We had an amazing daytrip to India today!  Due to baggage handler strikes we travelled by flying carpet and then thought about elephants and tigers.  Some children used the wood work bench to make aeroplanes and boats whilst others created pictures of elephants taking part in festivals.  Others solved addition problems to colour elephants.  This afternoon we practised our World Cup football skills and then had a picnic on the flying carpet back to Spaldwick – the Robins loved naan bread, onion bhajias and vegetable samosas… lots of tingly tongues!


Swifts trip to Wimpole Home Farm

We had such a wonderful day at the farm and filled the day with lots of new experiences, fun and excitement. We met Murphy the shire horse, Branston the rabbit and Hazel and Willow the cows. We watched the pigs being fed and the cows being milked and had a ride back to the bus while singing some songs.

The children should sleep well tonight…… Well Mrs Berridge will!!!

Thank you Swifts for a lovely day.

Robins’ Wednesday

The Robins are enjoying their visit to Spain and today some children spent time cutting up tomatoes, cucumber and flat breads for our tapas snack!  We talked about whether this was healthy food and also discovered that we’d been cutting halves and quarters!  The children began to prepare for their flamenco dances tomorrow and wrote about holidays they’ve had and places they’ve visited.

Swifts trip

Dear mummys and daddys,

We are off to the farm to see the animals tomorrow. We will need sunhats, suncream, a packed lunch and a drink. We will need to wear closed toe shoes and our school uniform.

We are really excited and cannot wait to tell you all about it.

From The Swifts.

Robins fly to Spain!

The Robins’ trip this week will be to Spain.  We know that lots of the children have already visited Spain – if they’d like to bring in anything to share with us we’d love to see them!  Watch out for budding flamenco dancers…

Swifts school trip

Good morning!


Just a reminder our school trip is on 25th June- Wednesday this week! We will be leaving after the register and will be back before the end of the day. The children will need a packed lunch and can I also remind you that if the sunny weather continues they will need sunhats and suncream. The children do need to wear school uniform, but sensible shoes please. Thank you.

Swifts this week….

Good morning!

This week we have as usual been very busy. We have done some press printing looking at poppies. We have stuck string onto poppy outlines so that we can do some printing using red paint to match the poppies. We mixed red and white paint and watched it get lighter. We will cut out poppy can u buy xanax in mexico shapes to stick onto our poppy fields. In maths we have been doing lots and lots and lots of subtraction number sentences. We were super clever and drew our own number lines to solve the problems. We planted some sunflower seeds and labelled the seeds with a Honduras flag.

Swifts looking at Ecuador

Yesterday we looked at our last country from our World Cup group- Ecuador.

Here are some chosen sentences from our writing……

They grow yellow yummy banans and hot coffee.   Grace

Ecuador is in south America and really close to Honduras. Sophia

Ecuador’s flag is yellow blue and red with  a coat  of  arms.  Jai

We have really enjoyed looking at these countries.


Robins’ Thursday

Today the Robins continued their visit to Italy and thought about what they would pack in their suitcases, drawing pictures and writing labels.  They wrote instructions for how to make a pizza and made their own Mona Lisa pictures, using the colours that Leonardo da Vinci used.  We welcomed our first cohort of new Robins again this afternoon and we all had fun in the hall with the parachute!  Tomorrow we’ll visit Venice before flying back to Spaldwick for the weekend.