Robins in Italy

The Robins have had a delicious day in Italy today – we have made our own pizzas and eaten them this afternoon!  The children chose their own toppings and piled them high!  We also worked on our cutting skills and completed collage pizzas and wrote questionnaires for our Travel Agents role play area.  This afternoon the children had PE outside with Mrs Wisbech, practised Maypole dancing with Mrs Leaver and listening skills with Mrs Hindmarsh.

Ciao from the Robins!

Our visit to Italy continues as we focus on this country for the World Cup.  The children have been practising goal scoring and adding their points together, they’ve painted the Italian flag and made Leaning Towers of Pisa with the bricks.  They have also made posters for the World Cup suing the colours of the Italian buy gabapentin over the counter flag.   The children have all taken part in guided reading today, and today we also welcomed our first cohort of new Robins to the classroom and the children are taking turns to help them settle in.

Robins French Friday

The Robins returned from their trip to France at the end of today, but not before they’d made snails from play dough and then ordered them according to size.  They also wrote postcards from France, talked about their knowledge of French food and punished the baguette, brie and grapes and used the big shape tiles to make the Eiffel tower and Mont Martre.  In ICT Mrs Leaver helped the children to draw the Eiffel tower and write a sentence.  Next week we’ll be off again – but our destination will be a surprise!

Swifts busy busy busy week…….

Bonjour from the Swifts,

We have been looking at the country of France. It is the next country we are looking at for the World Cup work.

The capital city is Paris. In France the people speak French. The Eiffel tower is in Paris. The flag is red, white and blue.

We looked at the arist called Claude Monet who is from France. He painted ‘Water lillies’ We painted our own. Look outside the classroom for our amazing class painting. We counted to 10 in French. We have redesigned the flag using flower press printing.

Au Revoir!

Bonjour from the Robins!

At last we used our passports and took off from the Robins class in a Spaldwick Airways aircraft!  We have spent the day in France and will be returning tomorrow… We have learnt about the Eiffel tower and made models, we’ve painted the French flag, we’ve learnt to count to 5 in French and seen Monet’s water lilies.  The Robins have also created their own pictures which are absolutely beautiful!  The children loved their French snack – and there’s enough left for tomorrow!  Au revoir!

Swifts fact finding by the children…..

We have been finding out about Switzerland. This is one of the countries we have been given to look at as part of our ‘World Cup’ work.

Did you know?

Switzerland is not an island. Abi

Switzerland is a small country Eli

switzerlands flag has a red background and in the middle there is a white cross. Amelia

Watch out for our next country that we are going investigate. FRANCE

Robins Wednesday

The Robins were very excited today when they had their photos taken by Mrs Pope – they can’t wait to see the end result!  They worked outside in the sand and water and also planted some plants in our growing area – tomatoes and beans so far with others still waiting to ‘put down their roots’!  We completed our passports today ready for our first visit tomorrow – we’ll be flying to France and exploring French customs and artists… The Robins will be tasting baguettes, brie and grapes.  If your child has any allergies please let me know!

Robins Tuesday

The Robins have all taken part in guided reading today and have completed a recount of Sports Day for their ‘Spaldwick Journey’.  They’ve been thinking about the world – where they’ve been and where they’re from – ready for our ‘Around the World’ topic.  Our indoor role play area is set to be a travel agents and we’ll be completing our passports ready for take off soon!  In maths the Robins have practised counting back to solve subtraction problems – yet another busy day!

Swifts Friday……

Good sunny afternoon from the Swifts,

We had a morning looking at money. We needed to find the coins to pay the shopkeeper. We had to work with a partner to add to coins together. We looked at the ‘ea’ sound and wrote three sentences with ‘ea’ words in them. We were good at remembering finger spaces, capital letters and full stops. This afternnon we played our direction games to together. Then we planted some more seeds. We will put them in some soil, water them and put them outside in the sun so they will grow.