The Robins thought about celebrations they have enjoyed such as birthdays, christenings and they compared these to Diwali.  They drew pictures and wrote captions.  They ordered numbered divas – 0 – 20 and made mendhi patterns on the computers.

After half term we’d like to further the children’s order clonazepam independence and ask that you say your goodbyes at the door into the cloakroom.  This reduces the squash in the mornings and enables the children to start their day independently.

Thank you for your support in this – have a lovely half term!

Blackbirds 24.10.14

Some children have told all the Blackbirds what the best bits of this half term have been:

William – I like all the maths that we have been doing.

Grace – I enjoyed our visits from Lettuce the rabbit and Pip the dog.

Sean – I liked writing the letters to the Miss Prior.

Emily – I enjoyed looking at different habitats.

George – I have enjoyed working hard on joined up handwriting.

Layla – I enjoyed looking at the painter Henri Rousseau and creating my own.


22.10.14 Blackbirds

Good evening!

In blackbirds we looked at different habitats of where animals could live. Tomorrow we will match the animals we have to the habitats and continue with our Henri Rousseau paintings. In maths we are adding 10, 11, 20 and 21 and then using adjectives to describe different animals in literacy.

All the children are working so hard……

Robins’ Wednesday

The Robins have looked at some wonderful rangoli patterns today and talked about preparing for celebrations.  They’ve made chalk rangoli patterns outside on the square tiles, used tessellating shapes to make patterns and the peg boards in the classroom.

We worked on the ‘c/k’ sounds at the beginning of words and practised writing these and segmenting sounds in words like ‘cat/can/kit’.  Tomorrow’s sound is ‘m’

Tuesday 21st

The Blackbirds have been busy today doing ‘going for green’ maths, learning how to half numbers, finding out about the traditional tale of the frog and the scorpion and thinking about why school rules are good for us. It was a very windy day but we managed to enjoy chasing the leaves outside in between the showers.

Robins’ Monday

Today the Robins began our week’s focus on ‘Diwali’, the Hindu festival of light.  They watched a retelling of the story of  Rama and Sita and tried to remember the other characters as they drew and wrote their recounts.  The children began work on their clay divas and they’ll continue with these tomorrow.  We worked on our new sound ‘p’ and practised forming this letter and segmenting the sounds in words and writing these on whiteboards.  In PE we had the wall bars out and the children began to help set up the apparatus safely by carrying the mats at the corners and the benches at the ends.  To finish our day we had a PSHE session on why we’re all special which the children really enjoyed as they hugged Humphrey the camel when it was their turn!

Tomorrow’s sound is ‘n’.

Robins’ equipment

Could we ask that parents do not allow children to use the Robins’ outside equipment before or after school please?  Staff try hard to keep this area tidy and to ensure that the equipment is in a safe and usable condition.  We have had several breakages recently which reduces the opportunities we can offer the Robins.

Thank you for your support in this,

Mrs Arbuthnott

16.10.14 Blackbirds

Good evening,

The last two days in Blackbirds has been busy busy busy!! We have been looking at halving in maths, we halved shapes today, tomorrow we are moving onto halving numbers. In literacy we have been using the rhyme ‘Londons Burning’ to help create a round of our own. We are going to sing our version in celebration assembly tomorrow. In the afternoon we looked at the artist Henri Rousseau.

The learning logs were amazing this week and I am beginning to run out of stickers for their homework charts. Well done Blackbirds.