Robins’ Thursday

We have learned about the ‘ure’ sound today and practised reading sentences with the digraphs we’ve learned recently in.   The children have made ‘Peepo’ pages and written labels and sentences for the things that the baby saw.  In maths we’ve made a birthdays graph and have learned about the difference between two numbers.  The children have also practised sorting and ordering objects and writing number sentences and finding ways of making 10.

The Robins have worked at mixing skin tones to paint self-portraits, this will continue tomorrow but the work done so far looks amazing 🙂

Some children also managed to fit in designing and making a birthday card for Humphrey – what a busy day!

Our role play area has now become a baby clinic so if your child would like to bring in a doll to work with – the are welcome to do so.

Robins’ Wednesday

Today the Robins watched a video clip of the  Janet and Alan Ahlberg story ‘Peepo’ and then had great fun trying to work out whose baby photo was whose!  We spent time talking about how babies can’t do lots of things that bigger children can and then wrote some sentences independently.  In maths today we have order ativan online canada been finding one or two more than a given number and written number sentences to go with this work.

Some children managed to do some cutting and sticking to make a collage of things that babies need.  In PPA today the children worked with Mrs Wisbech in PE and Mrs Leaver in RE.

Robins’ Tuesday

The Robins have learned about the ‘air’ sound today and practised writing words like ‘hair/chair/stair’ on whiteboards.  They made postcards for Humphrey the camel, telling him what they did during the half term holiday and wrote addition number sentences – brilliantly!  All the Robins read their reading books today and managed to have time to choose activities for themselves too!

Thank you for the photos you’ve sent in, if your Robin doesn’t have a photo of themselves as a baby in school yet, please could they bring one for tomorrow as we’re looking at them then.

Don’t forget it’s PPA PE tomorrow so your child will need their outdoor PE kit!

Welcome back Robins!

We hope you’ve had a lovely half term and are all ready for the second half of the Spring term!  We’ll be starting by thinking about ‘Ourselves’ and so if you haven’t sent in some photos of yourselves as babies please do as we’ll be looking at these in the first week back.

See you on Tuesday, the Robins Team 🙂

Hard maths in Blackbirds

We have been looking at fractions, finding different fractions of numbers. We found halving easy, but we are also finding quarters, three quarters and tomorrow we will move onto other fractions. We used our knowledge from last week’s maths to help us- grouping.
It was a little tricky- Eli

Robins’ Wednesday

Today the Robins have learned about the ‘ow’ sound and practised reading words like ‘cow’, ‘down’ and ‘clown’.  They have practised listening to the sounds in words and written sentences about nocturnal animals we saw in our video clip and we have worked hard at finding two numbers that add together to make 10.  We are writing number sentences and using the + and = symbols.

Don’t forget it’s the Robins’ classroom in action afternoon tomorrow – you are welcome to join us from 2.30 to learn alongside your Robin!

Robins’ Tuesday

The Robins have worked on the ‘ur’ sound today (as in surf) and they have taken part in guided reading.  They have started work on their Valentine’s cards and worked at counting forwards and backwards and found one more and one less.

Don’t forget tomorrow is PPA PE so your child will need their outdoor PE kit 🙂

Robins’ Monday

The Robins have watched a video clip about nocturnal animals today and talked about what we know about ‘nocturnal’.  We thought about moles and used non-fiction books to find out information so that we could write sentences.  We practised the sound ‘or’ again today and wrote two syllable words like ‘farmyard’.

In Maths we worked with our buddies and made lovely symmetrical patterns using little cones of coloured paper.  We mixed brown paint to create 3D hedgehog pictures and used the apparatus in the hall for PE.

Robins’ Wednesday

Today the Robins have practised reading sentences and drawing a picture to go with them, mixed two colours to make green (I hope they remember which!) and made a collage owl.  We have learned about the ‘ar’ sound and thought about numbers with one and two digits.  Your Robin has their slip in their bag telling you which jobs they have done.