Blackbirds 27.11.15

This week:
‘We have had a busy week’- Luke.
We have been working hard to add 2 digit numbers. I have stuck to it like glue and I am super proud because I can now do it!’- Lola
We have made the three kings, angels and camels ready for our christmas display’- Natalie
‘We have written an information text about giraffes, we used titles, labelled pictures and of course adjectives’- Leon and Autumn

Blackbirds – fire safety visit

The fire brigade came to the Blackbirds today (Ellen)

we burnt our Fire of London houses  that we made last week(Lola)

We watched them burn to ashes  (Baron)

WE need to find out 2 important things  (Autumn)

1- have we got a smoke alarm

2- what would we do if there was a fire  (Maddy)

It was amazing ! (James)

It was the best time ever (Leon)

When the Fireman put a bit of  petrol on it went booom!! (Daniel)

[photos on the Gallery and Blackbirds class page]

Blackbirds this week…… 20.11.15

“I was really happy that I managed to add a 2 digit number to another 2 digit by adding the tens and then the units. Both myelf and Mrs Berridge were super proud” – Daniel
“I created an amazing rangoli pattern”.- Natalie
“We are all working hard to try and join up our handwriting”- Noortje
“Our singing is getting better, we are looking forward to a brilliant performance in front of a large crowd.”- Autumn

Parents’ writing challenge!

Have a look at our ‘We are Writers’ project page – there’s a chance for you to enter our parents’ writing challenge!  It’s a great chance for your children to see you writing and demonstrating the skills we ask of them every day in school, and it’ll make a great change from Christmas shopping!  Why not have a go… all details are on the web page and we’d love to have your entries in school!

Robins’ Wednesday

The Robins have had a really busy day today!  They have learned the ‘c’ sound and practised reading simple words and sentences in our phonics lesson and followed this with a very active PE session where they practised their ABC – agility, balance and co-ordination, as well as hand-eye co-ordination!  As the children are thinking about Elmer this week, today they practised counting sets of elephants and matching them to the correct numeral, made paper plate elephants and coloured Elmer by numbers.  This afternoon they practised their play as well – I’m sure they’ll sleep well tonight 🙂

Blackbirds spellings

Well done Blackbirds!  this week 14 /18 got full marks for their spellings.

we have had a busy few days, with practices under way for Angel Express and we made our Tudor houses ready for the re-enactment of the Great Fire of London next week!

Blackbirds 12.11.15

Today in Blackbirds we have been adding one digit numbers to two digit numbers, we were spotting patterns in our addition number sentences. We looked at the rhyme ‘London’s Burning’ in literacy, we changed the words to create our own rhymes, fitting the pattern and counting the syllables.
In the afternoon, we recited one of our rhymes for some special guests.

Community remembrance event

The school welcomed members of our community this afternoon; some are members of the Welcome Club and others belong to the Royal British Legion.  The Eagles, helped by Mrs Arbuthnott, provided afternoon tea for the visitors and we were very proud of the whole school as each class provided some entertainment.  Songs were sung, poetry recited and art shared.  The community members had a wonderful afternoon and the children were a credit to us all.