Pre Christmas Puffins

We have had another great day in the Puffins! Good old-fashioned party games in the morning – Wink Murder, Musical Chairs and Musical Statues. Then we completed a jumper colouring competition (judging tomorrow) whilst collecting and photographing our two Victorian baubles and our cornucopia. Then in the afternoon we watched our Christmas treat film – ‘Danny the Champion of the World’.

Tomorrow we have a general knowledge quiz and a maths quiz followed by a special Assembly.

Mrs Burrin

19 December 2016

Woodpecker Battery Details!

I do hope there hasn’t been battery panic in the homes of any Woodpeckers, & I apologise for not getting a message out sooner!

The Woodpeckers will be bringing home a present that they have made for a member of their family, which requires a battery. Ideally a size ‘C’ battery is best, but don’t worry as I’m sure other sizes can be made to fit. If you do have a battery/batteries already & can send them in, then that is great, but they can be added in at home.

A carrier bag to conceal & carry the gift home in would also be rather useful!

Many thanks,

Mrs M.

Woodpeckers’ Homework!

Whoops! As we were in such a hurry to get ready for home after Friday’s rehearsal, we forgot to talk about homework! So here it is… Mathletics, reading, practising Christmas assembly songs/words & remembering to bring in your Christmas jumper/special top on Monday for our dress rehearsal.

Oh, and please remind your grown ups to let the office know if they would like to come & enjoy our Christmas assembly Tuesday afternoon.

Have a lovely weekend!

Mrs Mallace


KS2 Assembly

Hello Puffins and grown ups

Just a reminder that the KS2 Assembly is on Tuesday at 2.15pm. If grown ups would like to attend please could you phone the Office to let them know in advance so that they can start counting out the chairs!

All costumes in by Friday/Monday for the dress rehearsal please (a note went home tonight).

No PE on Monday morning because that’s when we’re rehearsing!


Mrs Burrin

Christmas assembly message for the Kingfishers

Good morning!

The KS2 Christmas assembly will be performed next Tuesday (13th) at 2.15pm. Family and friends are very welcome to come and watch but please send an email or call the school office to let them know you will be attending.


All narrators to wear Christmas jumpers.

Robin 1 (Asher): green t shirt/ vest and brown trousers/ school trousers.

Hedgehogs: (Willoughby and Bradley) brown trousers/ school trousers and brown t shirt. We have head dresses for you.

Robin 2 (Amelia): purple tshirt/ vest and dark trousers/leggings.

Otters: (Adrian and William) brown trousers/ school trousers and brown t shirt. We have head dresses for you.

If you have any problem getting the costume you need then please let me know by Monday 12th December.


Mr Piper

Victorian Day

Oh my goodness me – what a fantastic day! The Puffins have had such a brilliant day pretending to be Victorian school pupils – they were very well behaved if not a little scared! We all managed to do our Scriptures, Arithmetic and Times Tables. In the afternoon we were Music Hall performers and the acting, singing, magic tricks, joke telling and acrobatics were pretty impressive. Feel free to ask Mr Pearce to perform the 12 Days Of Christmas!

Robins’ Tuesday

The Robins listened to the next part of the Christmas story today and wrote their own sentences in their Christmas books.  We worked at adding snowflakes on mittens and began to write number sentences and in phonics we learned about the ‘h’ sound.  The children started work on some Christmas crafts which will be coming home at the end of term and of course – we had our dress rehearsal!  It went really well and the children thoroughly enjoyed it 🙂

In your Robin’s book bag this evening you’ll find a leaflet about our production: please complete the third page and return it to school in the morning.

Thank you.

Robins’ Monday

Today the Robins listened to the first part of the Christmas story and wrote about the Angel Gabriel visiting Mary.  We learned the ‘r’ sound in phonics and then worked on writing simple cvc words and the children began to make Christmas cards.  Mrs Leaver helped the children with ICT in the suite and we had our final practise before our dress rehearsal in front of an audience tomorrow!

Our sound for tomorrow is ‘h’.

Could we ask that anyone with a Christmas tag to return to school brings it as soon as possible, and any Christmas lunch replies too.  Thank you 🙂