Snowy day in the Robins!

The Robins have enjoyed some time playing in the snow today in their wellies, they were very excited, not enough to build a snowman however but I think they are hopeful that more will come!!

We have looked at the book ‘A new room for William’ today and the children had a good discussion about it. From this, some of the children have been in the creative area making bedrooms / houses and some have been building with the wooden blocks and Lego.

Mrs Hindmarsh took the children on a shape hunt around the school and she was very impressed with their knowledge on shapes. Ask your Robin what shapes they spotted in and around our school.

As it is World Book Day tomorrow, the children are welcome to bring in their favourite book or a character or item from their favourite book and they will have the opportunity to share with the class.

Enjoy the snow and wrap up warm (-:

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