Robins’ Thursday

The Robins have had a very exciting arrival in the classroom today – we’ve now got an incubator with a dozen eggs inside!¬† The Robins know that it will take about 21 days for the eggs to hatch and we are hoping that we’ll have lots of little chicks ūüôā

The children have been busy today writing instructions on how to plant potatoes and they’ve also been practising counting in 10s and working out how many buy clonazepam 0.5 mg online sets of 10 fingers we need to make a total.¬† They’ve worked¬†at a fizzy fingers activity:¬†making a beanstalk with¬†spaghetti, macaroni¬†and leaves and they’ve ordered words on magic beans to make a sentence.¬† The children have worked outside in our new texture kitchen and they’ve had fin with our new resources outside.¬† In phonics we’re revisiting Phase 3 sounds as some of us are a bit rusty after the holiday!!

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