Blackbirds Homework

Blackbirds homework this week will be the food diary that was sent home yesterday.

If you can’t find the sheet, they just need to note down the food they eat for one 24 hour period and bring it back on Wednesday, we will be looking to see if we are eating a balanced diet.

The Blackbirds deserve an extra day off this weekend, they have been working hard!

Here’s what we’ve been up to:

We have been writing letters and postcards and learning how to use commas in lists

In maths we have been measuring things around the classroom, measuring how far cars travel on different surfaces, giving directions using left, right and clockwise and  anticlockwise turns.

We have drawn half our faces to match a photograph and practised our colour mixing paint skills. In science we learnt about the different food groups and made a food wheel.

Chat with your Blackbird and see what they can remember.

BUT enjoy the weekend

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