Robins’ Wednesday

The Robins have worked on ordering numerals to 20 today and practised counting accurately.  We have counted to 100 and guessed which box would hold the most or fewest objects and counted to check.  We have begun work on Phase 3 phonics and learned about ‘j’ and read sentences including words with this sound.  The children worked together to decide on a New Year’s resolution for the class – see if you can spot what it is!

Having got changed for PE today, PLEASE could we ask that all your child’s uniform is named?  Thank you 🙂

Robins’ Tuesday

The Robins have been thinking about measuring today and have brought home some very yummy flapjacks that they made with Mrs Thomas!  I hope they enjoy them!  They’ve also been thinking about the first sound of their name and drawing pictures of other things that start with the same sound.  The children have been on a listening walk and practised being detectives – listening for clues!  They came to their first assembly today and did really well 🙂

See you in the morning,

Mrs Arbuthnott

Robins’ first full day!

What a busy day we’ve had today!  The children have coped so well and really enjoyed all the activities provided!  They’ve begun phase 1  phonics which focuses on listening and discriminating sounds, worked with myself and Mrs Page on writing about ourselves and drawing pictures, practised counting and matching/ordering numerals and we’ve had our first PE lesson!  can you really buy antibiotics online Could I ask that you check that your child’s clothing is named please?  We had some tricky moments today when it was hard to sort out who’s was who’s!!

For later this week, please could your child bring in a photo of themselves as a baby?  This will tie in with this week’s topic.

See you tomorrow,

Mrs Arbuthnott

Robins’ Tuesday

The Robins began a new topic today called ‘Blast off’ and made a rocket that they can actually go inside!  They watched a video clip on space and hopefully can tell you all about the sun and moon, they listened to the story of ‘Meg and Mog on the moon’ and wrote their own sentences as a recount.  They practised counting backwards until blast off and compared numbers of different sizes.


Robins’ Monday

Today the Robins have worked on weighing and comparing objects.  They have practised using ‘heavier/heaviest/lighter/lightest’ vocabulary and have been scouring the classroom for things to weigh!  This block of work will continue throughout the week.  They have been thinking about our senses today and have taken part in a treasure hunt outside and begun to make a senses box.  They have written about what they can see, hear, smell, taste and touch.  We learned about the ‘er’ sound today and wrote words like ‘fern, herd’ etc.  Please could you spend some time going back over the sounds in phase 3 as they’re quite tricky to remember and some Robins are getting a bit muddled up!  Thank you 🙂

Happy New Year Blackbirds

Happy New Year. I hope you are looking forward to a hardworking term. Our topic is Journeys looking at journeys into space, across the sea and land. This week’s homework is researching space travel and if you have any interesting information books at home you would like to share please bring in!

Thank you

Robins’ Friday

The Robins have all had a lovely day today; they’ve enjoyed being in the sand and water and have made some lovely patterns and pictures with the sparkly shapes.  In the classroom they’ve worked with the dinosaurs, with the magnetic shapes and tap tap set and retold stories with Mrs Leaver, Mrs Loakes and the puppets.  They’ve worked with Mrs Hindmarsh on measurement and with Mrs Bennett on counting.

The children have all been on a tour of the school so that they are aware of where the hall is for lunchtime and where our other set of toilets are if they should need them!

For next week, please could you send in your child’s PE kit which can stay in school until they wear it home on Wednesday after PE with a sports coach during PPA.  They will probably enjoy bringing a snack for morning break, as I mentioned in the ‘Parents’ guide to starting in Robins’ and we will provide an afternoon snack.

Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Arbuthnott

Welcome Back Blackbirds

Good morning Blackbirds,

We hope you had a restful half term ready to start lots of hardwork! This half term the topic will be ‘Fire’ looking at Guy Fawkes, the Great Fire of London and completing some heating experiments in science. Spellings will still be set on Wednesday and learning logs will be given out on Thursdays. PE is Mondays and Fridays and please ensure the children have their reading books every day.

We are looking forward to receiving the habitat shoe boxes over the next couple of days.

Mrs Saunders and Mrs Berridge

Robins’ Thursday

Today the Robins had fun making hats and working outside in the sand and water.  They’re also really enjoying the ‘extended’ role play area!  I worked with the children today on counting, number recognition, sorting and matching and Mrs Hindmarsh worked with them on colours and shapes.

The children are really settling in well and taking on the new routines and I’m sure that they’ll take the excitement of having lunch here on their strides next week!

Hope they sleep well before their last part time day tomorrow,


Mrs Arbuthnott