Robins’ Thursday

Today the Robins had fun making hats and working outside in the sand and water.  They’re also really enjoying the ‘extended’ role play area!  I worked with the children today on counting, number recognition, sorting and matching and Mrs Hindmarsh worked with them on colours and shapes.

The children are really settling in well and taking on the new routines and I’m sure that they’ll take the excitement of having lunch here on their strides next week!

Hope they sleep well before their last part time day tomorrow,


Mrs Arbuthnott

Blackbirds afternoon

Good evening!

We had a lovely  afternoon looking at the needs of pets in our care and what makes a responsible owner. We compared the needs of different pets and found some were the same. We made zig zag books and illustrated them after watching a clip on how to look after dogs, cats and rabbits in particular.

The results along with paintings and our own pet shop windows will be on display soon……

Thankyou for a lovely afternoon Blackbirds.

Mrs Berridge