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Thursday in the Robins

A busy day in the Robins class. We have talked about thanksgiving and what we are thankful for, continuing to look at measuring in maths as well as learn our ‘r’ sound. This weeks sounds ck, e,u and r . We will recap them tomorrow! We had a good giggle at some of the u…

Red Kites open classroom

The Red Kites are opening their classroom tomorrow afternoon at 2:30pm – 3:00pm. We would love parents to come and join us for science.  This is an open invitation for all Red Kites parents, we hope to see you tomorrow.  Print PDF

Red Kites looking forward to sharing a science activity as part of their Classroom in action event [ Wednesday 25th]

The Red Kites are looking forward to sharing part of their science topic and activity with their family as part of the Classroom in Action event. This is taking place on Wednesday 25th November, 2.30pm. Print PDF

Blackbirds – fire safety visit

The fire brigade came to the Blackbirds today (Ellen) we burnt our Fire of London houses  that we made last week(Lola) We watched them burn to ashes  (Baron) WE need to find out 2 important things  (Autumn) 1- have we got a smoke alarm 2- what would we do if there was a fire  (Maddy)…