Data collection pupil sheets for updating – look out for the YELLOW sheet!!

In your child’s bookbag on Wednesday, will be the ‘school data collection’ sheet that contains important contact information. Please sign, and return as soon as possible. Please ensure all emails and mobile contact numbers are up to date. Thankyou Print PDF


Thank you for your donations to our Harvest table, these have now been delivered to the Leonard Cheshire Home, Brampton. It was lovely to see so many of  our new Spaldwick School families at the assembly as well. Print PDF

Information letters in Bookbags on Monday

Within your child’s bookbag TODAY, you will find an information letter related to sharing information with you and your child during this school year. Our first Open Evenings take place next week [ Wednesday/ Thursday] Next week your child will receive an ‘Autumn report’ , which will provide ‘next steps learning targets’ Print PDF

Another busy week in the Woodpeckers

We’ve been reading a book called “I’ll take you to Mrs Cole” this week all about a boy who doesn’t do as his mum asked. We’ve been working on compound and complex sentences. In maths we have been learning to subtract using ‘Maths Frog’ who counts up a number line to work out a subtraction.…