Robins’ Tuesday

The Robins have worked on the ‘oo’ digraph and learned that it can make a long sound like in ‘soon’ and a short sound as in ‘book’.  They have learned about repeating patterns and applied this to colours and sounds – they really enjoyed the action patterns we made!  They have threaded, coloured, printed and used cubes to practise their pattern making.  The children have begun some owl collages and practised their cutting skills and they have finished their owl paintings and sentences.

Your child has brought home a slip which tells you which activities they’ve taken part in today – this is a self monitoring activity so that the children can see how many ‘jobs’ they’ve done and which they need to do next.

Robins’ Wednesday

Robins have had a good sing song today and are really good with half the songs for our play 🙂

They have had a guided writing session with us today and practised hearing the sounds in words and writing these down using finger spaces to organise their words!  Some have begun their cottages using recyclable materials and they’ve enjoyed a dance where can i buy lorazepam session and RE with Mrs Leaver.

For the FOSS festive fair, we would be grateful if the Robins could bring in something gold.  This could be a roll of wrapping paper, a chocolate bar etc – these will be combined with other items from other classes to create hampers which will be available at the fair.  Thank you

Robins’ Monday

Oh my goodness, what a busy day the Robins have had today!  We had our ‘Cooks on the Move’ visit and so every Robin had a session making cheese scones with the ladies from Cambridgeshire Catering – they’re in book bags and smell delicious!  They also watched a video clip of ‘Owl Babies’ written by Martin Waddell,  thought about the characters and then wrote sentences to tell us about how they were feeling while Mummy owl was gone.  They painted some lovely pictures of owls using special brush stokes and worked on practical number problems.  In the afternoon they had PE and practised moving in different ways around the hall and then we had buddy time when they shared their buddies’ books and their own.  Our sound for today was ‘oa‘ as in ‘boat’.

10.10.14 Blackbirds

The Blackbirds decided what they enjoyed about their week!

‘I enjoyed writing my magic box poem’- Felix

‘I enjoyed making our boxes and writing our poems’. – Amelia

‘I think I may have beaten my basic skills score’- William

‘I have enjoyed everything about the whole week’ – London


Next week in the Robins

To complete our half term focus on ‘Myself, My home and My Family’ we’ll be thinking about the different jobs that people do.  Would you be able to come in to talk to the children about your job?  I am hoping to have a farmer join us, but I know that your children would love you to come and join them and tell us about your work!  So if you have an exciting job and feel that you could give a little time to us, please let me know!

Blackbirds going for green

We had a record number of Blackbirds getting ‘in the green’ with their basic skills tests last week and several have moved on to the next test. They were very excited, so thank you parents for helping them achieve.

They have their current test in their bags today to practice ready for next week.

Robins’ Tuesday

The Robins have all taken part in guided reading today and talked about their books.  They have worked in the sand outside with the diggers and used the big bricks to build walls.  The children had an amazing time in assembly with Professor Cardwell and watched some fabulous science with liquid nitrogen!  They then took part in an experiment with biscuits and other equipment – I hope they’ll remember and be able to explain to you what they did!

If your child would like to, please do send in the toys again tomorrow as they’re really enjoying having them and thinking about what they’re made of and how they work.

Don’t forget it’s Open Book day tomorrow 🙂

Robins’ Tuesday

The Robins continued their work on measuring today and practised matching the ends of their snakes to the same line so that they could measure accurately.  They have been estimating and then counting to check how close their ‘sensible guess’ was!  We looked at a picture of a house made of sweeties and did our special writing independently and then drew our own pictures.  In our phonics the children learned ‘l’ and tomorrow we’ll work on ‘b’.