Robins’ Tuesday

Today the Robins worked on a new method of adding two numbers together.  Instead of counting both sets together, we worked at counting the number in the first set and then counting on from that number to give the total for two sets.  The children grasped this well on the carpet and then tried to transfer the skill into small group activities.  We’ll continue to work on this, and later on subtraction by counting backwards for the next two weeks.

We worked on writing cvcc words and revisited all our Phase 3 sounds.  Please could you look at these with your child – they’re in their sound books.

The children made collage sunflowers and these have been put around our garden centre role play.  We have begun to make a boat in the Robins’ garden using a gigantic box!

As part of your reading with your child, please could you work on the Phase 3 tricky words?  These can catch the children out, but by learning them they dramatically increase the fluency of their reading.  Thank you 🙂

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