Blackbirds spellings

Good Morning!

Just to let you know the spellings in Blackbirds have been changed slightly this year and a letter with your child’s spellings will be found in their book bags.

Your child will be tested every Wednesday on their new spellings- so start practising Blackbirds.

Thankyou and if you have any questions please ask.

Robins’ Wednesday

The Robins worked on the ‘x’ sound today and practised writing words with phase 3 letters.  They made pictures of rockets with the tap tap set and sorted out reflective and non reflective materials.  We made rocket fuel smoothies using lots of yummy ingredients including bananas, carrots, kiwi, mango and berries and talked about which foods are healthy for us and which we should only have sometimes as a treat.

Please remember it’s PE tomorrow and your child will need their outdoor PE kit and trainers.  Thank you 🙂

Robins’ Tuesday

We have continued our Nursery Rhymes theme today and worked on ‘Twinkle twinkle little star’.  The children have thought about other things that start with a ‘s’ sound and have made sparkly stars and written a caption.  We’ve worked again on recognising numerals to 20 and have used number fans to show numbers within 10.

The children have painted their ‘Baa baa black sheep’ and have worked outside with the sand and water.  If there are any conkers to come in – please do send them!

Mrs Arbuthnott

Robins’ Monday

Today we read ‘Whatever Next’ and talked about the story – we followed up by writing a thank you letter from Owl to Baby Bear.  We practised counting backwards in Maths and then estimated how many objects we could see on plates and matched the corresponding numeral.  The children used their observation skills to draw a picture of a rocket and really focussed on drawing what they could see.  In PE we used the apparatus to practise safe jumps and stretched finishing positions – the children had great fun!  we had buddy time to finish the day and the Robins and Eagles worked on creating an alien’s profile.  This project will continue next week as there were some wonderful ideas!

Please could your Robins have indoor and outdoor PE kit with them?  We need shorts and tee shirts for Mondays.  Thank you 🙂

Robins’ Thursday

Today the Robins have used a 100 square to count to 100 and then practised carrying out the right number of actions shown by a dice roll – they’ve jumped, stamped, clapped and had great fun!  They’ve also created routes for Rosie the hen to follow on her journey around the farmyard and cut out and stuck the events if the story in order.

We’ve been so pleased that all the children are able to come in independently this week – fantastic!

Robins’ Monday

Today the Robins began our Nursery Rhyme week and we thought about ‘Baa baa black sheep’.  We sand the song, made collage pictures and salt dough models (which look fabulous!) and we made farms with the duplo to keep our animals safe.  The children used to computer to make pictures of sheep and they also worked on our counting topic in Maths and practised matching quantities to numbers.

If the children have been collecting conkers and would like to bring them in to use at school we’d be really please to have them!

Mrs Arbuthnott

Robins’ Friday

The Robins have made some fabulous aliens and practised folding paper to make springy legs!  They have practised ordering numbers to 20 and counting larger sets of objects.  The children have written about aliens and listened to space music and they loved moon walking in the classroom!


Robins’ Wednesday

The Robins continued to think about ‘Rosie’s Walk’ today and drew maps of her journey around the farmyard.  They drew pictures and wrote their special writing to tell me about them.  We talked about positional language and also created some lovely artwork to add to our displays.

The children have brought home their new homework books which has a maths investigation inside.  I explained to them that this will be given out on a Wednesday and needs to come back to school on the following Wednesday.  These investigations don’t have a right or wrong answer but are designed to encourage the children to think about mathematical questions and how they could set about solving them.

Our sound today was ‘g’ and tomorrow it’s ‘o’.


Blackbirds Week!

I like our new topic learning about Space- Matthew
I enjoyed the maths, rounding up or down to the nearest multiple of 10. I found it super sonic easy.- Kitty
I enjoyed watching the launch of the rocket by NASA and next week we are going to launch our own rocket.- Asher
I moved onto a new colour of reading books. I am super sonic proud of myself.- Emily

Blackbirds 18.9.14

The Blackirds worked hard today completing the beginning part of their stories. They were adding and subtracting 10 using a 100 sqaure to check the answers for themselves. We have started paired reading and their partners wrote in their reading record books. Please make sure the children read every night if possible.

Tomorrow we are looking forward to some visitors of the furry kind to finish off looking at pets. We will then start look at different dangerous animals next week, picking a few to look at in detail.

Mrs Berridge