Welcome Blackbirds

Are you all ready for tomorrow? I’m really looking forward to seeing you again.

Remember  to go on the Live kitchen website and order your school meal.

PE kits will be needed next week, our sessions will be on Wednesday and Thursday

see you soon!

Blackbirds Football Friday

The Blackbirds have got to their next class treat on the 100 square – playing football in their team kits!

This will happen on Friday afternoon so they can bring their kit into school that day.

Those Blackbirds who don’t want to play football  can bring in a toy from home for the extended afternoon break.



Teddy Bears’ Picnic

The Blackbirds have succeeded in reaching their next treat on our 100 square.

A Teddy bears’ picnic!

We will have this next Tuesday afternoon (23rd) so your Blackbird needs to bring a favourite bear or cuddly toy to school and I’ll organise some edible treats! T

They moved on 2 squares today :

1 for amazing concentration in their big writing task on India

and 1 for their fabulous art work of the Taj Mahal