Snowy day in the Robins!

The Robins have enjoyed some time playing in the snow today in their wellies, they were very excited, not enough to build a snowman however but I think they are hopeful that more will come!!

We have looked at the book ‘A new room for William’ today and the children had a good discussion about it. From this, some of the children have been in the creative area making bedrooms / houses and some have been building with the¬†wooden blocks and¬†Lego.

Mrs Hindmarsh took the children on a shape hunt around the school and she was very impressed with their knowledge on shapes. Ask your Robin what shapes they spotted in and around our school.

As it is World Book Day tomorrow, the children are welcome to bring in their favourite book or a character or item from their favourite book and they will have the opportunity to share with the class.

Enjoy the snow and wrap up warm (-:

Monday in the Robins

What a lovely day we have had in the Robins today. It has been lovely weather but very cold so please remember to send your child in with gloves and a hat to keep little fingers and heads warm! Today we have been talking about ‚Äėfriendship‚Äô and what is means to be a good friend. We have been writing sentences about how we can be a good friend and drawing some wonderful pictures. The children have enjoyed time outside in the mud kitchen, on the trikes and using the musical instruments. You should find your child‚Äôs Spring term update in their bags and it also has your parents evening appointment time in too. Some of the Robins have been learning new sounds today and others have been practising sounding out words to spell therefore not everyone has their red book to take home tonight.

Exciting week in the Robins!

What a busy and exciting week in the Robins! We have been focussing on ‘Owl Babies’ this week and the children have loved it. We were very lucky to have Forest Ian and his owl Indiana visiting us on Monday. The children asked some fabulous questions and learnt some very interesting facts. We have written a letter to Forest Ian to say thank you for bringing buy ambien cr generic Indiana to visit us¬†and we have been very impressed with how much their writing is improving, well done Robins! We have also been ordering numbers to 10 and 20¬†and even writing some of our own number sentences. I’m sure there will be some tired Robins this weekend as they have worked their little socks off.

The Robins Team (-:

Fab Monday in the Robins!

We have had a lovely day in the Robins. Despite the rain, we managed to get outside this afternoon and saw a double rainbow, the children were very excited. We read ‘Can’t you sleep little bear?’ and the children wrote¬†about what they would give the bear to help him sleep, they had some lovely ideas. We also started to make a patchwork paper blanket for the bear and¬†so far we have¬†some wonderful¬†designs.¬†In PE this afternoon, the children experienced some yoga! They loved it and¬†I was impressed with how well they took to it and what they could do! The first¬†‘sharing¬†bag’¬†went home today, please can¬†it come back in by Friday so that the next¬†person can take it¬†home for the weekend.

Fab start to the week in Robins!

The Robins have had a¬†fab, busy¬†week so far. We have been mixing paints¬†to make different shades of all of the colours in the rainbow, painted pieces of pasta, threaded them on some wool and turned them into rainbow necklaces. The children have been demonstrating their counting skills and we have been writing some addition number sentences. We have been focussing on the story ‘Night monkey, day monkey’ this week and the children have been looking at nocturnal animals and have produced some beautiful display work. In PE we investigated different ways of moving across the floor and along a bench! We discovered that we could¬†move on our tummies, bottoms, hands and feet. We even managed to start some group reading too, it was lovely to hear the children reading to each other and from it we had some great discussions about the books.