Mr Men stories in the Swifts

We have created a new Mr Man Or Little Miss, drawn the new character and started to write our stories.

We have been continuing with adding tens and units and drawing our own numberlines.

Red Kites visited our classroom to share their story books.

We visited our new Blackbird classroom on Wednesday and Thursday- we looked at a book called ‘Journey’.

Robins’ Monday

The Robins began a block of art work today and started to create collages and make prints so that they can make repeating patterns of seaside creatures – we hope to finish them tomorrow but have been working really hard on them already today.  We read ‘Sharing a shell’ by Julia Donaldson and then began to write recounts of the story – we also talked about why it’s best to share and why people might have arguments.  The children have started work on a maths unit of ordering and identifying missing numbers – quite tricky but they’re trying hard 🙂  And we had a lovely PE lesson at the park when some children learnt to swing without any help at all!!

Today in Swifts 10.7.14

Wow what a morning……

We completed adding using tens and units. The children were amazing with their given power! Lots of stickers were put on their charts for super stickability.

Remember to ask the children about their Mr Men or Little Miss character too or come in and look at them on display……

Robins’ Wednesday

Today the Robins watched a video clip of the Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister and talked about how sharing makes you feel good.  They began to make thank you cards for the Rainbow Fish from the little fish and made salt dough fishes which we’ll paint tomorrow.  The children played a Rainbow Fish addition and subtraction game and also used to mini laptops to create their own Rainbow Fish and type a caption.

Red Kites

There was an influx of mad scientists seen all around Spaldwick school on Monday, and some fantastic outfits, as Red Kites enjoyed their Science fun day, look out for the photos coming soon on the web page.

PE kits needed in school next Monday.


Robins’ Tuesday

Today the Robins worked on our new mini topic ‘At the seaside’ and thought about trips they’ve made to the beach.  We have read ‘Lucy and Tom at the seaside’ by Shirley Hughes and talked about our own experiences and the children wrote recounts.  They have practised counting irregular sets of objects and writing the correct numerals and have made wax resist pictures of fish, using the infilling techniques we’ve been practising throughout the year.  Mrs Page worked with all the children in groups for guided reading.  Tomorrow we’ll be thinking about ‘The Rainbow Fish’ by Marcus Pfister…

Pro Kick sponsored event!

Don’t forget that we have our sponsored goal kicking event in support of the Sports Connections Foundation  this Friday!  Please remember to send in your sponsorship form so that your child can be entered into the prize draw for tickets to an event at the O2 of their choice, as well as have the chance to win lots of other prizes!

Swifts today….. 8.7.14

Good morning,

Today we will be starting our Mr Men project and thinking of a new Mr Men character. We will be writing descriptions from our set of questions that we need to read. We will carry on with our tens and units work, adding 10 and 11 to numbers. This afternoon we will be painting.

Another busy day in the Swifts….

Swifts 7th July

Good afternoon,

I will be in Swifts tomorrow as Mrs Grimbaldeston is helping with Red Kites ‘Science Day’. The children will need to come in their PE kits as they usually do as we will do PE as normal.

Last week was another busy one in Swifts with lots of parents coming to school on Thursday for the open evening. We did lots of work on tens and units last week, adding and subtracting 10 from any given number.

This next week we will be starting to look at Mr Men and Little Miss stories in order to write our own story.

See you all tomorrow.

Mrs Berridge