Robins’ Tuesday

The Robins have had another lovely day today and have spent some time outside in the sand and water, in the role play area and on the bikes and trikes.  In the classroom they have looked at books with me and talked about the pictures and the story and Mrs Page has helped them with a cutting and sticking activity.  Mrs Thomas was also in the classroom today and she helped the children to make some luggage labels for a whole class display which you’ll be able to see soon!

The children have worked with the tap tap set, the peg boards – making patterns and sorting the colours and using the remote controlled dinosaur (who’s batteries have now run out!!).  They’ve worked in the writing area and used the duplo to make castles and houses.  All in all, a very busy day!

Have a lovely evening,

Mrs Arbuthnott

Robins’ first day

A really lovely day was enjoyed by all the new Robins!  They settled so quickly and enjoyed the activities on offer which included using the magnetic shapes to make pictures and patterns, using the Numicon plates to create pictures, painting, shaving foam, drawing, using the computer and role play.  They worked with me to show me how they write their names and with Mrs Page to sort our little play people.

I hope they sleep well tonight and are ready for another exciting day tomorrow!

Mrs Arbuthnott

A message for all new Robins!

Mrs Hindmarsh and I would like to thank all the Robins and their families for making us so welcome on our home visits today and yesterday!  It was lovely to see you all again and to spend some time with you and to meet your rabbits, cats, dogs, tortoises and geckos!  We’re really looking forward to seeing you on Monday and hope you have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Arbuthnott x

Welcome Blackbirds

We are looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow, we have lots of exciting things planned for the coming half term. Our topic is ‘Animals’. We will be collecting information about pets and investigating dangerous animals. There is an overview of the topic on the window of the classroom. P.E will be on a Monday and Friday. Spellings will be given on a Wednesday by Mrs Saunders and testing the following Wednesday. Learning logs will continue and will be given out andcollected on a Thursday. Reading books need to be in school everyday!

Mrs Berridge will be in Blackbirds on Wednesday afternoon, Thursday and Friday and Mrs Saunders will be in Blackbirds on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning.

If you have any questions please contact us.

Mrs Saunders and Mrs Berridge

Robins’ Friday

You might have a ‘royal robin’ coming home today!  We thought about ‘The Queen of Hearts’ and made jam tarts with Mrs Leaver – including the pastry!  The children made crowns and drew pictures of queens and practised saying ‘qu’ words like ‘Quick/queen/quarrel’.  The children worked outside with the bikes and scooters and in the sand and water.

Blackbirds 25.9.14

Wow what a busy day! We completed our morning work, phonics, handwriting and maths and that was just before playtime. In maths we looked at time and looking at both digital and analogue clocks. We have written a postcard with excuses as to why we would be late for school- we let our imaginations go wild!

This afternoon we completed some more on our topic work.

See you all tomorrow.

Robins’ Tuesday

The Robins were so excited about their first official appearance at a school assembly but they managed to squeeze in a very busy morning too!

The children were thinking about farmers and harvest and listened to ‘Farmer Fred’ and then drew pictures of him with his animals and wrote a caption.  They practised their handwriting skills by matching the sheep to the barns and painted pictures of farm animals.  We’re working on shapes at the moment so after practising counting and recognising numerals the children used a feely bag to try to explain what shape they could feel – using mathematical language such as ‘curved, corners and sides’.

Another exciting day awaits the Robins tomorrow – more details in tomorrow’s post!

Blackbirds spellings

Good Morning!

Just to let you know the spellings in Blackbirds have been changed slightly this year and a letter with your child’s spellings will be found in their book bags.

Your child will be tested every Wednesday on their new spellings- so start practising Blackbirds.

Thankyou and if you have any questions please ask.