Good evening Blackbirds

Today we continued to add using tens and units and some started looking at hundreds as well- the children worked so hard. This afternoon we were looking at Christmas in the 1970’s. We looked at some of the toys played with including spirograph and fuzzy felts. We are combining those toys to help create a display. Look out for it at the open evening next week.

Robins’ Thursday

The Robins have worked on measuring today and have used cubes to measure things that are taller and shorter than Teddy Robinson and Humphrey.  They have been estimating how many more cubes they will need to measure accurately and we’ve been trying to count on from a given number… not easy!  They have told me about the bad character in the Three Little Pigs story in their own special writing and have worked outside in the sand and with the shapes, and completed activities on the computers in the classroom.

Robins’ Tuesday

Welcome back, Robins, to the second half of term!  Please bring your wellies to school tomorrow as we’ll be going outside for a walk in the school grounds.  Please could parents also remember that we’re building on independence again now so if you could say your goodbyes at the door into the cloakroom and let your Robin hang their coat up etc by themselves that would be really supportive 🙂

The first Robins’ Parents information session on reading is taking place at 9.00 tomorrow morning – please sign in at the office and we’ll meet in the Community Room.  Look forward to seeing you there!

Robins’ Tuesday

Thank you to the parents who joined me for the writing information session – I have put the hand out from this session into book bags for those who weren’t able to be with us.

The Robins have worked hard on their measuring today and have used non-standard units (hand spans) to estimate and then check a number of classroom objects.  They have also taken part in a guided reading session based on ‘The Three Little Pigs’.  We have practised some of our more tricky songs and then had some time to use the computers, read with Mrs Arbuthnott and work in the role play area and at table top activities.

We have now completed Phase 2 phonics and will be consolidating for the rest of this week.  Please remember that homework is due in tomorrow 🙂

Robins’ Monday

The Robins were thinking about characters in stories today and we concentrated on the Three Little Pigs.  They chose two characters and drew them and then identified the sounds in the words and wrote these down.  Our focus in Maths is measure and we looked at length today, using the words ‘longer’ and ‘shorter’ to describe towers of cubes and trousers among other things!  The Robins had a rehearsal this afternoon before having some buddy time in which they shared their homework and reading with the Eagles who also shared their homework.

Our first costume was brought in today – feel free to send your child’s costume in on a hanger please – and named 🙂

Our sound today was ‘ll’ and we practised writing ‘hill/fill/ball’ etc.  Tomorrow’s sound is ‘ss’ (fuss/hiss)

Robins’ Thursday

The Robins have worked really hard today, they have practised measuring objects they found in the classroom and decided whether they were longer or shorter than a 30 cm ruler.  They have had another guided writing session and Mrs Hindmarsh and I were really pleased with how they’re getting on with identifying the sounds in words and writing these.  We’re also using full stops!  After listening to the story of ‘The three little pigs’, they loved going outside of school to look carefully at houses opposite the classroom and use a clip board to make an observational drawing – they felt so grown up 🙂  Our sound in phonics today was ‘ff’ which the children now know comes at the end of some words.

Blackbirds 20.11.14

Wow what a busy day…



Maths – adding tens and units.


Looking at the story of Dogger and thinking about different emotions. Plus reading groups with Mrs Balchin.

Lastly boomwhackers. I am looking forward to another busy day tomorrow.

Robins’ Wednesday

Robins have had a good sing song today and are really good with half the songs for our play 🙂

They have had a guided writing session with us today and practised hearing the sounds in words and writing these down using finger spaces to organise their words!  Some have begun their cottages using recyclable materials and they’ve enjoyed a dance where can i buy lorazepam session and RE with Mrs Leaver.

For the FOSS festive fair, we would be grateful if the Robins could bring in something gold.  This could be a roll of wrapping paper, a chocolate bar etc – these will be combined with other items from other classes to create hampers which will be available at the fair.  Thank you

Blackbirds going for green

We had a record number of Blackbirds getting ‘in the green’ with their basic skills tests last week and several have moved on to the next test. They were very excited, so thank you parents for helping them achieve.

They have their current test in their bags today to practice ready for next week.