Robins’ Thursday

The Robins have had another very busy and productive day today – without giving too much away they’ve practised their cutting skills and used their fine motor skills to make some really lovely things for you to enjoy!  If you haven’t yet sent in a bag for your Robin to bring their treasures home in – please send one tomorrow as we’d hate for them to be squashed into book bags and spoilt after all their hard work 🙂

Robins’ Wednesday

Today the Robins have amazed us with their sewing skills!  We hope you’ll be as delighted when you see the finished results… 🙂

They’ve also taken part in phonics activities – identifying initial sounds and number sequencing.  This afternoon they’ve worked on dance activities.

Please could your Robin bring a carrier bag into school so that all their treasures can come home safely? Thank you.


Robins’ Tuesday

We hope you enjoyed the Christingle service if you were able to attend – the children certainly loved making their Christingles (and eating their marshmallows afterwards!).

The Robins also had time to decorate their Christmas biscuits, cut and stick things that they thought their parents or grandparents would like on to a stocking and several began a little sewing project which you’ll hopefully see by the end of term!

Robins’ Monday

The Robins learned about the arrival of the three wise men today and drew pictures and wrote sentences about this.  They also worked with Mrs Page to make Christmas biscuits which smelled yummy and will be decorated tomorrow!  This afternoon they enjoyed a very special treat when we watched a pantomime with some very familiar faces taking part!   A wonderful time was had by all 🙂

Robins’ Wednesday

The Robins have been counting and drawing Christmas things today and have worked out how many more or less they need to make a given number.  They’ve worked on pencil control and decorated Christmas stockings and they’ve sorted and ordered Christmas puddings, stockings, snowmen and presents according to size.  Our Christmas cards are almost complete 🙂

Please bring the children to the courtyard for the performance this evening where we will let them into the classrooms at 5.30 pm.  They should be ready for collection at 7.00 pm from the same place.

Blackbirds performance

Well done Blackbirds on your dress rehearsal this afternoon, fabulous singing and great to have everyone here!

2 to go……

Parents please can you can collect your star from the Robins or Swifts door in the courtyard after the evening performances. They know which room they are changing in so ask them!


Robins’ Monday

The Robins have begun a new block of work in Maths on money.  We looked at different coins and how they are different from each other and then we worked out how many £1 coins we’d need to buy different items.  We talked about which was the most expensive and which was the cheapest.  We also buy lorazepam online in canada read the next part of the Christmas story and drew pictures of the shepherds visiting baby Jesus and wrote sentences.  The  children have worked on the computers and with the construction equipment and in the writing area too.  We had our final rehearsal this afternoon and then some buddy time.


Robins’ Wednesday

The Robins joined the Swifts and Blackbirds for an amazing special treat this morning!  We had a live link to the North Pole and the children spoke to Father Christmas!  He could hear us and talked to us and answered questions from the Swifts and Blackbirds – he also said hello to Beatrix!  After break the Robins worked with the buddies to make a very special surprise which will be available for you at the Christmas Fair on Friday 🙂

Homework books will be coming home tomorrow.