Blackbirds plane designing

During the afternoons of Wednesday, Thursday and Friday we are looking planes as part of our journeys topic. If you have any information books you would like to bring please do so.
I am looking forward to seeing how hard you have worked on your multiplication with Mrs Saunders in maths. We have lots of poems to read and we will be writing our own too in pairs.
See you tomorrow afternoon.

Robins’ Tuesday

The Robins have worked on the ‘oo’ digraph and learned that it can make a long sound like in ‘soon’ and a short sound as in ‘book’.  They have learned about repeating patterns and applied this to colours and sounds – they really enjoyed the action patterns we made!  They have threaded, coloured, printed and used cubes to practise their pattern making.  The children have begun some owl collages and practised their cutting skills and they have finished their owl paintings and sentences.

Your child has brought home a slip which tells you which activities they’ve taken part in today – this is a self monitoring activity so that the children can see how many ‘jobs’ they’ve done and which they need to do next.

Robins’ Monday

Oh my goodness, what a busy day the Robins have had today!  We had our ‘Cooks on the Move’ visit and so every Robin had a session making cheese scones with the ladies from Cambridgeshire Catering – they’re in book bags and smell delicious!  They also watched a video clip of ‘Owl Babies’ written by Martin Waddell,  thought about the characters and then wrote sentences to tell us about how they were feeling while Mummy owl was gone.  They painted some lovely pictures of owls using special brush stokes and worked on practical number problems.  In the afternoon they had PE and practised moving in different ways around the hall and then we had buddy time when they shared their buddies’ books and their own.  Our sound for today was ‘oa‘ as in ‘boat’.