Robins’ Friday

The Robins have had a couple of exciting days to finish the Spring term – Mrs Hincks visited us yesterday to talk about being a scientist!  She brought the children some scientists’ gloves and some pipettes with trays of tiny cups for the children to practise transferring liquids into… This was great fun and was very popular throughout the day!  They also got to try on a scientists coat and glasses!  The Easter raffle was held today which is always great fun and lots of Robins were lucky winners.

On our first day back at school the children will need their PE kits as we have a visitor – we don’t have any spares so PLEASE don’t forget!!

Have a lovely Easter holiday and we’ll see you soon!

Robins’ Wednesday

The Robins have been learning about money today and collected pennies to swap for 10ps.  They have read numerals to 20 and ordered them and have spent some time learning about Stranger Danger.  They know that they shouldn’t talk to strangers and should tell the people looking after them if they are worried about something.  They have loved working outside with the musical instruments they made to create tunes and have had a great afternoon with Mrs Leaver and Mrs Wisbech.

I have been made aware that there are ‘visitors’ in the Robins’ hair – PLEASE check your child’s head and treat if necessary!  Please also remind your child how important it is to wash their hands after going to the toilet as other ‘visitors’ have been suspected too 🙁

Robins’ Tuesday

The Robins had such an exciting morning today as Mr and Mrs Watson came in to talk to them about their jobs with Ocado!  We learned how people can make on-line orders and how these are made up in the warehouse and then delivered in a van.  The children tried on a hard hat and high visibility jacket and found out how strong safety boots are!  The Robins were so excited to go out and meet a delivery driver, Mike, and see his van which was filled with goodies for the children!  One of the children said as they went out to break “I don’t want this day to end!”

The children also had a visit from the school nurse who measured their heights and weights and talked to them about keeping healthy and then this afternoon they watched the Woodpeckers and Red Kites dress rehearsal of ‘The Pied Piper’ which was fantastic!

To end the day the Robins enjoyed the delicious strawberries, blue berries and grapes that Mike delivered and are looking forward to the apples tomorrow!  Yum 🙂

Your child also brought home their homework project this afternoon – a certificate is included inside it.  Thank you for helping your child to complete this activity, they all really loved sharing these with us and their buddies.

Robins’ Monday

The Robins had a wonderful visit today from Mrs Woodhall!  She talked to the children about being an orthopaedic nurse and brought models of joints to look at, x-rays and pictures and masks and hats for all the children!  They loved trying these on and then really enjoyed taking part in the skeleton dance.

We read buy zolpidem sleeping tablets uk ‘Ness the Nurse’ and wrote sentences about her – the children’s writing is coming on in leaps and bounds 🙂

This afternoon  they did PE outside and practised their agility and throwing and catching, and to finish the day they shared their ‘I am special and unique’ boxes with their buddies who really liked them.

Next week in the Robins

To complete our half term focus on ‘Myself, My home and My Family’ we’ll be thinking about the different jobs that people do.  Would you be able to come in to talk to the children about your job?  I am hoping to have a farmer join us, but I know that your children would love you to come and join them and tell us about your work!  So if you have an exciting job and feel that you could give a little time to us, please let me know!

Robins’ Tuesday

The Robins have all taken part in guided reading today and talked about their books.  They have worked in the sand outside with the diggers and used the big bricks to build walls.  The children had an amazing time in assembly with Professor Cardwell and watched some fabulous science with liquid nitrogen!  They then took part in an experiment with biscuits and other equipment – I hope they’ll remember and be able to explain to you what they did!

If your child would like to, please do send in the toys again tomorrow as they’re really enjoying having them and thinking about what they’re made of and how they work.

Don’t forget it’s Open Book day tomorrow 🙂

Science Week in Robins

For the next week in Robins we will be thinking about our favourite toys.  We would like your child to bring in a toy that they really like – they can take it home each day or leave it in school.  We will be exploring the materials used in making toys and the forces we use to make them work.  If your child has a remote controlled toy they’d like to bring in, we will then be able to talk about batteries and electricity!

Robins’ Thursday

The Robins have worked on an amazing piece of art today which has stunned the staff and pupils in school.  Hopefully you’ll be able to see it on Monday morning in assembly.  They have completed another project today which you’ll see tomorrow and have enjoyed working in the outside area in the sunshine.

Robins Red Nose Day Bake Sale

The Robins were delighted that so many pupils and staff came to their bake sale this morning and were amazed when we counted up the money this afternoon – we raised £51.92 for Comic Relief!  Thank you for your support, the bake sale will continue tomorrow at morning break with more goodies available 🙂