Blackbirds 30.4.15

We had a lovely morning in Blackbirds. I told the Blackbirds it was one of those mornings I would like to capture in my hand and keep in my pocket.
We went on a quest/adventure after listening to a story about two children that went on their own quest. We realised they were using their imagination. Armed with post-it notes the children buy klonopin online india wrote words and phrases to describe the different places they visited on their own quest. Before setting off we packed our rucksacks with sandwiches, a bottle of water and some rope to climb the mountains.
After play the children continued to work their ‘socks off’ completing lots and lots subtraction number sentences, subtracting the tens and then the units.

Blackbirds 23.4.15

Another lovely day, we were working on fractions this morning and finding fractions of different numbers. We drew and wrote a story map to go with the story ‘Lost and Found’. This afternoon we were looking at atlases and finding the different continents in the world and locating different countries. The Blackbirds loved studying the maps and labelling their own.
Tomorrow we will continue to look at fractions and share out chocolate buttons equally on fractions of cakes. We are going to be writing our own stories based on a journey taken.
I have been enjoying receiving the children’s letters. I am slowly replying to them all, so watch your letterboxes. I have also replied to their messages on starz they wrote in their ICT lesson on Wednesday.

Robins’ Thursday

Today we read ‘Jim and the beanstalk’ and the children have worked on measuring their heads, hands and feet and compared these – they were very excited to see how big their heads were!  They have written sentences to go with pictures of the story and have used the computers to make buy ambien online pictures and write sentences.  The children have planted seeds from the fruits they tasted yesterday and we will watch to see what happens to these.

I’m afraid we seem to have ‘visitors’ in the Robins again – please check your child and treat them if necessary.  Thank you.

Robins’ Wednesday

Today the Robins have brought home their sunflower seeds.  We have talked about what they need to grow; at a later date we’ll ask for them to come back into school to compare them and see who’s is growing well.

The children have taken part in guided reading today and we have worked together at counting on to add 2 numbers together.  The children have worked on the computers to make pictures of Jack and the beanstalk and they’ve written sentences and captions to go with these.  They have worked outside to paint beanstalks and with the PE equipment.

Robins’ Tuesday

The Robins have been working on their little ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ books and have practised using finger spaces and writing the sounds they hear in the words.  In maths we are working on solving addition problems by counting on so the children have been putting the bigger number in their heads and saying the next numbers rather than starting from 1.  You might have spotted our beanstalk best place to buy lorazepam online which the children have begun – look out for Jack who might be appearing soon!  The children have started preparing the garden for our seeds and plants and have been doing observational drawings of flowers they find.

If you haven’t returned your end of day arrangements slips yet, please do so that we can ensure that the Robins get to where they need to be 🙂

Woodpeckers Moving storybooks

We will be designing and making a moving part page from the stories written with Mrs Davidson. We will be looking at pop up books and books with moving parts as part of this mini project. If you have a book at home that you would like to share with Woodpeckers please bring in on Tuesday.
I look forward to seeing the end results.

Blackbirds 17.4.15

I am looking forward to receiving the Blackbird letters, I will reply as soon as possible. We will start our new topic this Wednesday, ‘Fetch your passport’. We will start by identifying Continents and the oceans and seas on the world map.
I look forward to Wednesday.

Blackbirds 16.4.15

What a lovely day looking at signs of Spring, writing poems with adjectives and similes included using our senses. We were listening to all the ideas and thoughts and sharing them. We completed multiplication word problems using different methods. I gave out some ‘wow’ moments today to a few children for different things. This afternoon we started our Kadinsky style blossom trees.

Blackbirds 15.4.15

This afternoon we talked about the signs of Spring after Mrs Saunders had looked at the Easter story in the morning. We looked at some art work by Giuseppe Arcimboldo. We used spring flowers to create our own art work. Tomorrow we will continue with Spring and create our own poems. In the afternoon we will be using a different artist to create morre of our own art work.