Hello Robins!

We’re looking forward to seeing you tomorrow, Robins!  Don’t forget we’ve got PE and we hope to be practising for sports day, so make sure you have your PE kit!

For our Woburn adventure on Tuesday, you’re welcome to bring along a cuddly toy zoo animal – so if you have a giraffe, lion, monkey or another wild animal who’d like to come along, there will be plenty of room on the coach for them 🙂

Robins’ Thursday

Today the Robins have worked in little groups to write their own big books about minibeasts and the adventures they go on.  They have made the illustrations to go inside and Mrs Hindmarsh and I have typed up the stories which they can now read to eachother.  They have worked on the computers to create their own stories and to work on number programmes and they’ve worked outside to explore and discover minibeasts in the Robins’ garden.  We have practised counting on from a given number to add and back to take away.

If you’ve not already made the e-payment for our visit to Woburn after half term, please do as soon as possible 🙂

Thank you.

Blackbirds are going to Hunstanton

Good evening.

Can I remind all Blackbirds that our trip is tomorrow! Do not forget raincoat, bucket and spade and a sunhat. We hope to leave at about 9.15 and arrive back at school about 4pm. The weather forecast is looking good and we hope to investigate the beach and then visit the sea life centre just after lunch.
We are looking forward to a lovely day by the seaside. See you all tomorrow.

Robins’ Wednesday

Today the Robins had lots of visitors to the classroom as parents of our new Robins came to see what happens in Reception!  Lots of them explained what they were doing to the new Mummies and Daddies – some were painting their clay minibeast, others were subtracting within either 10 or 20, some were making stories with sound effects on the computers, others were exploring number bonds to 10 or creating a non-fiction best place to buy ativan online page in their books about minibeasts or working with the farm equipment in the corn in the Robins’ garden.

In the afternoon the children have enjoyed ‘Sticky Kids’ – a movement programme for young children and music appreciation.

You’ll notice tonight that the Robins’ homework is spelling this week – this ties in with our phonics work.  The children have learned to read these words and now need to spell them.

Busy Blackbirds

Today the Blackbirds have worked really hard, they have found out the features of information texts, done lots of multiplication and learnt why  Jesus told the story of the good Samaritan.

We all are looking forward to going to the seaside on Thursday, last minute information in bags today.

Blackbirds 13.5.15

We went to the Galapagos Islands this afternoon and found out lots of information. We answered a serious questions after our research. The Blackbirds were very interested in the animals found there, the weather and the type of plants. We located the islands on the world map.

Songwriters final

All finalists have been invited to attend the Songwriters Final which will take place in the school hall on Thursday 14th May, from 5.30 until 7.30 pm.  The doors will be open from 5.15. Refreshments will be available to purchase – we’re looking forward to seeing you at this event!

Robins’ Wednesday

Today the Robins have been working on non-fiction texts and have discovered that they contain lots of facts, headings, diagrams and captions as well as lots of information!  They have then written their own non-fiction piece about butterflies and caterpillars.  We have continued our work on number bonds and doubles and have been practising writing two-syllable words in phonics.

Tomorrow we’ll be creating collage masterpieces and so if your child would like to bring in some different papers (wrapping paper/crepe paper etc) please feel free to send them in!

Robins’ Tuesday

The Robins have continued to work on the Very Hungry Caterpillar today and have sequenced the events in the story.  They have all taken part in guided reading and we have begun working on number bonds.  The children have worked on which two numbers added together give a total of 10 and they have written number sentences to go with this.  We have also talked about how it doesn’t matter which way round the numbers are in addition – 6+4=10 and 4+6=10.

Although I haven’t received all the return slips for our Woburn visit I’m going to go ahead – please look out for a letter coming through parentpay.