Today the Robins have completed their wonderful art project which will be available to view on Open Evening on Thursday.  They have made fruit kebabs and looked at where the fruit came from on our globe and completed drawings of some of these fruit.  This afternoon we had our final cohort of new Robins join us for their first session.

Tomorrow we’re heading off to Canada!

Blackbirds week……26.6.15

Happy Birthday Isaac!
We have been doing some dividing- we used multiplication facts to help work out our division number sentences- Amelia
Four of us went to Cromwell Academy to join in with the Year 2 maths challenge- we came FIRST!!!! We are super proud.
We are sewing and making felt owl bookmarks- it is fiddly but easy.- Connor
We all have made worry dolls and put our worries inside the worry box.- London
We have been looking at the author Anthony Browne- our favourite book he has written is ‘Willy the Wimp’.-Isaac

Mathletics in Robins

On Friday, the Robins brought home a letter with their username and password for Mathletics.  Please encourage your child to try some of the activities that are available – I have spotted some busy Robins have already been working at home on this exciting new resource 🙂  Well done!


Please keep checking on our eggs!  They’ve started to hatch and we’re so excited!  The Robins have listened to ‘Daisy and the Egg’ by Jane Simmons and written recounts of the story in their books and on the computers, complete with sound effects!

Robins Monday

The Robins have had a lovely morning today, making salt dough snails!  They have worked on counting on and back to solve addition and subtraction problems within 20 and have looked carefully at how to write teen numbers.  The children have worked in the water and sand and practised their capacity skills and in PE they have begun a block of work on football skills.

Blackbirds today…… 11.6.15

Another lovely day in Blackbirds with lots of hardwork. We completed some subtraction number sentences, wrote some clues to our mystery animal, completed some press printing, paired reading and thought about how we have changed since starting school and how much more we can do now. There was lots!
We will be using the wii dance tomorrow as part of PE and our reward 100 square chart.


Today the Robins have all taken part in guided reading with Mrs Page and written about their Sports Afternoon memories.  They have created their passports for our next exciting adventures and we have worked outside on capacity in maths.

Tomorrow we’ll travel to France!  If your child has a souvenir from a holiday in France that they would like to bring in and share, please feel free to send it in.

Robins Around the World!

For the next few weeks, the Robins will be thinking about different places in the world.  We’ll be making passports and travelling – usually by Spaldwick Airlines – to different countries and finding out about the cultures, history, famous places and traditions.  If you feel you would be able to offer the Robins some time, perhaps to talk about a country you know really well, or where you come from, please pop in to see us!  If your child has a souvenir from a holiday you’ve made, we’d be pleased to see them.  Our first visit is to France!

Robins’ Sports Day

Hello, Robins!  Remember it’s Sports Afternoon tomorrow – you’ll need to wear your school uniform to school but bring your tee shirt for your team (if you can’t remember which you are, I’ve written it in your diary 🙂  )

Parents are welcome to come  in from 1.15, we’ll be starting at 1.30 pm.  If you take your child home after sports day, rather than normal arrangements, please let Mrs Page know.  Thank you.