Well, what can I say?  I honestly had no idea about the plans for this afternoon and was completely overwhelmed!

Thank you all so much for such a lovely party – I think the children loved it too – and none of them gave the game away!!

Have a lovely weekend, – I know I will 🙂

Mrs Arbuthnott xx

Asthma inhalers

If your child has an asthma inhaler in school, we will be sending these home on the last day of term.  Please check your child’s inhaler for its expiry date, replace if necessary and send the medication back to school on the first day of term in September.  Can we remind you that all medication must have the dispensing chemist’s label on it, detailing the child’s name and dosage.  Thank you.


Thank you for sending in the boat making materials – the Robins will be starting this project tomorrow!  The children completed their transition this morning and have their homework in their book bags.  This afternoon they loved watching the Year 6 show – their buddies were brilliant 🙂

Please note, we do not need PE kits back in school, thank you.


The Robins have had a lovely day today – they’ve been looking at hover flies and helping them to stay safe by letting them have a drink of sugar water!  They’ve been looking carefully at their tongues and antennae and comparing them to other creatures.  We’ve been completing phonic assessments and the children have been exploring floating and sinking, they’ve had some amazing ideas about why some things float and others don’t…

For tomorrow, please could your Robin bring a carrier bag and, if you have anything for them to make a boat with that would be great (margarine tub/straw etc) Thank you 🙂

Blackbirds this Thursday

Good morning,

Please can the Blackbird children bring in a teddy bear on Thursday as we will be having a teddy bear party in the afternoon. The children have moved to the next square on the 100 square reward chart already. They must be working too hard! Thankyou.


The Robins have been working on phonics and maths today and have completed some assessments ready for their transition to Year 1.  They’ve had fun in PE practising their throwing and catching skills – and had the feedback from the Red Kites crisp survey which was very interesting!

Please note that the handwriting homework given out last week is due in on the last day of term.  There will be no new homework this week, but your Robin will have a certificate from their chick playground project in their boookbag to show you 🙂  They were so brilliant…


Well, what a busy week!  The children have been working on the theme of the seaside and have listened to ‘Lucy and Tom and the seaside’ by Shirley Hughes and ‘The rainbow fish’ by Marcus Pfister.  They’ve written recounts in their books and on the computers.  They have made beautiful salt dough fish which you’ll see soon 🙂 and in Maths they’ve been working on money.

Please could you check your Robin for visitors?  They’re around again….!  Thank you

NED yo-yo sales!

Wow!  What an amazing response to the ‘pay-it-forward’ yo-yo sale – THANK YOU so much 🙂

The children are practising their tricks in the NED area outside and really enjoying their yo-yos; please remember that tomorrow is the final day of the sale.  All monies should be brought to Mrs Arbuthnott and the NED team in the library at lunchtime.  Thank you.

NED assembly

Please check your child’s bag tonight to find a NED letter!  On Friday we’re having a very special assembly from The NED Show.  This letter gives you information and weblinks so that you can find out what will be happening!  ‘NED gear’ is available to buy afterwards from 3.7.15 – 9.7.15.  All purchases must be made by cheque made payable to school. No cash will be accepted.