Blackbirds – boxes needed

Hello Blackbirds, I hope you are all having a great half term holiday.

Next half term our topic is all about FIRE and we will be learning about the Great Fire of London in history.

We will be making model houses so can you start collecting lots of boxes eg cereal boxes, tissue boxes, shoe boxes, small boxes such as oxo, herbs, biscuits…..

Thank you!


PGL update

Everyone enjoyed dinner last night – pasta and meatballs and then, after a good night’s sleep – (the last room was woken up at 7.40!), the packing process has been completed and the morning’s activities will include abseiling and aeroball!

Stone Age Bone Age Day

As part of our rounding off of this topic, The Woodpeckers will be watching a topic linked DVD in the afternoon. To add to the atmosphere there will be some prehistoric rocks (popcorn) available for them to munch on – parents please let me know if you’d prefer your child not to have any. Thanks, Mrs Mallace

Blackbirds spellings

Blackbirds do not have a new set of spellings this week as they should look back at the last 6 lists ready for a test after half term!

15 of the class got stickers today because they had either improved  or remained at 10/10. Well done Blackbirds – a record!

Woodpeckers 19.10.15

Wow what a busy and hardworking day in Woodpeckers. We did some handwriting, our spelling test and then looked at our new spellings. The children completed their weekly maths tests and investigated fractions of shapes.
In the afternoon we talked about how to continue to fill our buckets and those of our friends. We created plays to illustrate what attributes are needed to be good friends. The Woodpeckers finished the day with Ocarinas.
Thankyou for another lovely Monday.