Robins’ Thursday

We have had a lovely, busy day in the Robins today – the children have been thinking about nocturnal animals and have sorted animals into sets of those that are active during the night and those that aren’t, they have written about nocturnal animals and they’ve completed a data handling activity linked to nocturnal animals.  Most children managed to paint their owls today – they are gorgeous 🙂

In phonics today we learned the ‘ng’ sound and practised writing words in phoneme frames.  We will consolidate our sounds tomorrow and practise our HFWs.

In your Robin’s book bag you’ll have found a new book – their homework book.  Each week we’ll set an open ended exploration which we would like you to have a go at alongside your child.  The activities are concept based and how you record your child’s achievement is up to you… You might encourage them to draw their findings, write about it or take a photo of the outcome.  Homework will usually be set on a Wednesday and we’d like it back the following Wednesday so that we can mark it and set the next challenge.  Have fun!

Robins’ Wednesday

The Robins watched an animation of ‘Owl Babies’ today and then wrote sentences, captions or labels to accompany their pictures of the story.  They named shapes and added eyes and beaks to make shape owls and made some fabulous salt dough owls – you’ll see them soon!  Some of the children got to match animals to their habitats on the computers and we’ll carry on with this tomorrow.

We worked on the ‘th’ sound and tomorrow we’ll be thinking about the ‘ng’ sound.  If your child has a book about nocturnal animals they’d like to share with us, we’d love to see them!

Robins’ Tuesday

Today the Robins worked on the ‘ch’ sound and practised reading words with this digraph in.  We recapped on the High Frequency Words (HFWs) from phase 2 and our two new phase 3 words ‘he’ and ‘she’.  Tomorrow’s sound is ‘th’.

We continued with our work on ‘What friends do best’ and wrote about the story and made friendship bracelets.  In maths we worked on adding today and the children had to listen to sounds to count them and then add one more.  Afterwards they worked with us on directed addition activities.  The children have painted today and used the K-nexx to build space craft – some of the models were out of this world 😉

Robins’ Monday

The Robins have worked on the ‘sh’ digraph today and practised writing words with this sound in them – tomorrow’s sound is ‘ch’.  We have read a story called ‘What friends do best’ and then thought about our friends and what they do that we like.  The children have made friendship bracelets and written about the story and we’ll continue with this tomorrow.  We’ve practised counting forwards and backwards and will begin a new block of work tomorrow on addition.  The children have painted portraits of their friends and managed to squeeze in a PE lesson where we worked on developing our hand-eye co-ordination through a range of activities!

You might find some new ‘accessories’ added to your Robins’ reading diary – these are the high frequency words and tricky words that the children need to be able to read from Phase 2 phonics.  We’re working on these and also adding in the Phase 3 words too.

Robins’ Friday

Today the Robins have consolidated the new sounds and learnt our first phase 3 tricky words – ‘he’ and ‘she’.  They have practised hearing the sounds in words and writing these, and have measured rockets using non standard units and found the tallest.  We have sung space songs and tried to remember the order of the planets in our solar system!

Our new sound on Monday will be ‘sh’.

Robins’ Wednesday

The Robins have been working on ‘Whatever Next!’ again today and they’ve been thinking about ‘character’ and ‘setting’.  We have practised throwing and catching in PE and all the children improved well as the session went on 🙂

In phonics we worked on remembering the ‘zz’ sound at the end of words and practised writing these and our work on shape and pattern has continued too.  The children have worked in the ICT suite with Mrs Leaver and have enjoyed singing songs about rockets and space in Music.

Tomorrow our sound is ‘qu’ and we try to help the children remember this sound by telling them that ‘Q and U stick like glue!’

Robins’ Tuesday

Today the Robins and I went on a walk around the school grounds looking for wintery signs – we found lots of things and had some very interesting discussions about hibernation among other things! We worked on shapes and patterns and this afternoon we read the story ‘Whatever Next!’ by Jill Murphy and wrote a sentence or caption about it.  The children used props to re-enact the story and showed how much they’d remembered 🙂

Our sound today was ‘z’ and tomorrow is ‘zz’ (at the end of words)

Robins’ Monday

Today the Robins worked on the ‘y’ sound and then practised identifying sounds in simple words and writing these in a phoneme frame.  They recapped on all the phase 2 sounds and we wrote words with the new sound in them, such as ‘yes’, ‘yet’ and ‘yell’.  We have begun a new block of work in Maths on 2D shapes and today we helped our camel buy gabapentin overnight delivery Humphrey to learn the shapes names and the children used feely bags and described the properties of their chosen shape for their friends to work out what it was – great fun!

This afternoon the children had a very special treat that had been postponed from before Christmas and they watched a pantomime, performed by some very familiar actors 🙂

Tomorrow’s letter is ‘z’.

Robins’ Friday

Today the Robins have revised their phase 2 tricky words (I, to, go, no and the) and some have written to Tim Peake and asked questions about his space walk which we watched part of this afternoon.  They have played bingo with Mrs Winterlich and been on a listening walk around the school grounds, drawing what they could hear.  We have explored how craters are made and the Robins have all used marbles as meteors to create their own craters on the moon’s surface (a box of sand!)

Our new sound on Monday will be ‘y’.