Robins’ Monday

The Robins worked on reading words with the ‘oo’ sound in today and tomorrow we’ll be thinking about ‘ar’.

We watched a puppet show about Chinese New Year and how the years got to be named after animals; the children then made Chinese lanterns, origami puppets and blossom pictures as well as writing a list of the animals in the race.

This afternoon they had a great PE lesson in which we focused on balance and co-ordination.

The children are also very excited to see how much our amaryllis has grown!

Blackbirds snacks

Please could the Blackbirds stop bringing the Bear yoyo bars for snack, apart from being alarming high in sugar and thoroughly bad for teeth, the card trading/stealing is becoming quite a problem.

For 10p the snack shop has a  great range of slow releasing carbohydrates such as: toast, crackers, fruit bread, waffles and fresh fruit.

Thank you for your help with this

Robins’ Friday

Today the Robins have worked with Mr Bowden on the tricky words ‘no’ and ‘go’.  They watched a video clip about the story ‘The helpful hedgehog’ and wrote about the story and drew some lovely pictures.  They continued with our work on pattern and symmetry and made some symmetrical moths which will be fluttering around our classroom soon!

Our first rocket readers have their stickers on our chart… Remember – your Robin needs to read at least three times each week with you, and please could you sign the diary or write a comment?

Our sound next Monday will be ‘oo’.  Have a lovely weekend 🙂

Robins’ Wednesday

The Robins worked on the ‘igh’ trigraph today and wrote words in phoneme frames.  We had a busy PE lesson again this morning and are really improving our throwing and catching skills.

The children all worked with an adult to create stories which the adults scribed and the children drew the illustrations for – hopefully you’ll be able to see these tomorrow after school.

The children have practised their adding, created patterns and have worked outside with some fabulous new equipment.


Tomorrow’s sound is ‘oa’.

Robins’ Tuesday

The Robins have worked on the ‘ee’ sound today and practised writing words with this digraph in.  Our sound tomorrow is ‘igh’ – a trigraph!

The children have painted owls for our display which you’ll be able to see on Thursday at the Open Classroom session.  They’ve been using special brush strokes to create the feathers, and they really do look cute!  We’ve thought about different animals’ habitats and played a game on the computers to match the animals to their environment.  We’ve counted to 100 today and begun thinking about pattern, so children have created patterns outside with natural materials and others in the classroom with a whole range of materials – cubes, buy xanax uk beads, pens – they were all so absorbed in making beautiful patterns!  I’ve had little conferences with almost all the children today, in my office (aka the role play area!) and we’ve talked about what they’re doing well and what we’re going to concentrate on for the coming few weeks.

The Robins have also found out about a new system which we’ve introduced; the Rocket Readers.  The children need to read at home with you at least 3 times each week to get a sticker on the Rocket Readers chart.  We’ll look every Friday in the diaries for your signatures or comments and award stickers to those with at least 3 parental entries.

Nut free!

Please could parents remember that the school has a ‘Nut Free’ policy as we have several children with severe allergies to nuts.  Items such as ‘Bueno’ bars contain hazelnuts and must not be sent in for snacks or as part of a packed lunch.  Please check that nothing containing nuts or nut derivatives are sent into school.  Thank you for your co-operation 🙂

Robins’ Monday

The Robins have had a great day today – they’ve worked on the ‘ai’ sound in phonics and practised using sound buttons to read words containing this digraph, tomorrow’s sound is ‘ee’.

The children have been painting nocturnal animals, solving addition problems with conkers, writing about nocturnal animals and they’ve taken part in activities outside – finding natural materials and creating works of art from them!  They’ve also created houses from 2D shapes.

This afternoon, Mr Bowden worked with the Robins and they had great fun working on Agility, Balance and Co-ordination 🙂