Blackbirds Cricket Tournament

Well done to the Blackbirds who took part in their first cricket tournament in St Neots yesterday.

They played 3 games, winning one, drawing one and narrowly loosing one. There was some great hitting, fast running and efficient fielding.

We came 4th overall.

[two photos on the web]

Rocket Science Seeds Growing!

The Rocket Scientists have planted 200 individual rocket seeds last week and already many of them have germinated on the Blackbirds warm window sill. Now they have to take different measurements ( on specific days), water and turn the seed trays regularly.

100 of the seeds have been in space with Tim Peake and he has asked schools to help him find out if this will affect their growth. We don’t know if the red or the blue packet contained the space seeds.

Watch this space for updates on what the Rocket Scientists find out…….

Blackbirds visiting the seaside

The Blackbirds have been on the train again today travelling to the seaside, this time they had a bit of a shock when they got off and found themselves back in 1900!

They are enjoying the new topic and loved showing their wonderful sea/ beach creature habitat boxes to 2 other classes this week.

We  are all looking forward to our real trip to the beach so please remember to reply to the parent pay message.

Robins’ Tuesday

The Robins have really enjoyed working in the garden today and have been making lots of cakes in the texture kitchen!  They’ve all taken part in a guided reading session with a member of the Robins’ team and have been working on number bonds to 10 and shapes in Maths.  Some of the children have been using the computers to work on Mathletics and a new display is being created by Mrs Page and the children to show how seeds grow.

Tomorrow is Welly Wednesday and, weather permitting, the Robins will be working in the garden to sow some seeds.  If you have any seeds to spare that you think the children would enjoy planting (and eating!) please do send them in!

Robins’ Monday

Today the Robins’ listened to the story ‘Oliver’s Vegetables’ by Vivian French and then wrote about the vegetables that Oliver ate.  They also cut up some celery, onion, garlic, carrots, peppers and tomatoes and made some soup!  The children said that it wasn’t good – it was delicious 🙂

We are working on shapes again this week so we were thinking about the features of different order ativan online legally shapes and deciding which shape could be hiding on the Cleverboard; this was sometimes a bit tricky!

In PE this afternoon we continued our work on rolling and were practising forward rolls.

Our bean seeds have started to grow and our classroom helpers are making sure that they get a nice drink of water to help them.

Robins’ Wednesday

What a fabulous Welly Wednesday we had today!  We ventured into the environmental and all had a chance to try pond dipping, hedge swishing and bug hunting, and we found as many different green leaves as we could.  We managed to find ladybirds, ants, slugs, baby grasshoppers, some very long and wiggly worms, pond skaters, water snails, three newts and so much more!  The children had a wonderful time!

This afternoon they’ve enjoyed some Music Express and worked in the classroom on the rainbow challenges.

Robins’ Tuesday

The Robins began a new block of work in Maths today and have worked on solving addition and subtraction problems by counting on or back.  We are using a number line to help with this and will continue to focus on this all week.

The children also started the Rainbow Challenge today and have taken part in activities including buy antibiotics china making collage sunflowers to practise their cutting skills, labelling sunflowers to practise their reading and comprehension skills and painting sunflowers like Van Gogh did!

This afternoon, the children enjoyed watching the Year 3, 4 and 5 performance of ‘Hood Winked’.

Tomorrow is Welly Wednesday so please ensure that your Robin has their coat and wellies in school 🙂

Robins’ Monday

The Robins found out today about a new system we’ll be having from tomorrow – they’ll be trying to make a rainbow!  Ask your Robin to tell you all about it 🙂

We read the story ‘Daisy’s giant sunflower’ by Emma Damon and wrote about it, we looked at sunflower heads with magnifying glasses and we talked about what seeds need to grow.  The children practised their Phase 3 sounds and we had a busy PE session where the children learned about carrying the equipment and then practised rolling in different ways.  The whole school had an exciting assembly from Mad Science this morning and I hope your Robin can remember what happened!

Robins’ Thursday

The Robins have had a very exciting arrival in the classroom today – we’ve now got an incubator with a dozen eggs inside!  The Robins know that it will take about 21 days for the eggs to hatch and we are hoping that we’ll have lots of little chicks 🙂

The children have been busy today writing instructions on how to plant potatoes and they’ve also been practising counting in 10s and working out how many buy clonazepam 0.5 mg online sets of 10 fingers we need to make a total.  They’ve worked at a fizzy fingers activity: making a beanstalk with spaghetti, macaroni and leaves and they’ve ordered words on magic beans to make a sentence.  The children have worked outside in our new texture kitchen and they’ve had fin with our new resources outside.  In phonics we’re revisiting Phase 3 sounds as some of us are a bit rusty after the holiday!!

Robins’ Tuesday

The Robins have had a lovely first day back – they have enjoyed telling us all about their holidays and what they’ve been doing and they have written postcards about this.  We have practised counting to 100 and then counting in 10s to 100 which was great fun – the children will be following this up tomorrow as well.  We have heard lots of the children read and will try to ensure that those who weren’t heard today are heard tomorrow.  The children have loved exploring the new resources in the Robins’ garden; we have a texture kitchen which they loved using and they’re also really enjoying the resources that we’ve organised in the storage boxes.

Please note that there will be no Welly Wednesday tomorrow but we will re-start this exciting event next week!