Blackbirds Wonderful Wednesday

The Blackbirds have had an awesome day, we were fortunate enough to be given some owl pellets from Paxton Pits and have spent all day opening them, finding the bones and identifying them. Thanks to the digital microscope we were able to see the incredible detail of the bones and distinguish between field vole and bank vole teeth (we could even become dentists for the day and extract them!)

Ask your Blackbird what else they discovered ……..

Robins Tuesday

The Robins have been busy again today, painting repeating patterns and making patterns with the camels, writing sentences with Phase 4 words and matching shapes to sets.  They’ve also had a wonderful time outside creating rhythms to songs on a CD – and even had a dance as well 🙂

I hope you’ve found your Robins’ report in their bookbag, please also remember that tomorrow is Welly Wednesday and looking at the weather as I type, they’ll probably need a waterproof coat too!

Robins Thursday

Today the Robins carried out a traffic survey and were very excited to see the difference in the amount of traffic on Ferriman Road and the High Street!  We counted the cars and lorries but saw no motor bikes at all!  We talked about why there might be such a difference and where the traffic could be going.

We showed the Eagles our chick playground projects today too – they were really impressed 🙂

Robins’ Thursday

Today the Robins wrote a recount of their visit to Woburn and tried to remember to use time words, such as ‘First, next, then’ etc.  They also worked really hard on remembering to use finger spaces!  We learned about more 3D shapes, including cubes, cuboids, prisms and remembered cylinders and cones.  The Robins might be able to find items at home that are these shapes 🙂

The children also worked on some problem solving activities outside and used our tablets as well as completing our Road to Rio laps!

Robins’ Woburn visit

The Robins and the Robins team had a wonderful day out at Woburn!  We were really lucky with the weather and only had a few spots of rain (phew!) but we saw so many beautiful animals – your Robin will tell you all about them, I’m sure!  We were also delighted with the Robins themselves – they were a pleasure to spend the day with and I’m sure they’ll sleep well tonight 🙂


The Robins have had a great day today – we had our session with Mrs Houghton – ‘The clay lady’ and the children’s work is stunning 🙂  You’ll be able to see it at our art exhibition in July.

The children have also worked on group reading with me and Mrs Page, on a collage activity, threading and a life cycle activity as well as with the woodwork bench with Mr Pearce.

Please don’t forget that we’re off to Woburn tomorrow; the children will need to wear their school uniforms, have a raincoat and waterproof shoes or boots and bring snacks and drinks.  We’re bringing lunches for all but if you’re planning to send in a packed lunch for your child that’s fine.

We’ll be leaving at approximately 9.00 am and returning within the school day.

Robins’ Thursday

The Robins have had a lovely day today – they stroked the baby chicks and watched them scampering around on the carpet while the children sat in a ring around them.  They have practised their phonics and spelled tricky words such as ‘they’, ‘are’, ‘come’ and ‘some’ and written their sentences of the day.  In maths we have worked on finding missing numbers and writing where to buy gabapentin 100mg these correctly; some of us were working on numbers to 100!

Please remember that tomorrow is our Royal Day and the children are invited to wear either party clothes or prince/princess/King/Queen outfits.  We are performing a little song and rhyme in the afternoon as part of the school’s celebrations but no extra costumes are needed – we’ve prepared everything for the children.