Robins’ Monday

The Robins have had a busy day today, working in the Robins’ garden and in the classroom and they were so excited to dig up our potatoes – we had such a crop!  Mrs Leaver cooked them for us and we joined the Swifts and Blackbirds to eat them in the shade this afternoon…. and the Robins were then oven more excited to find that we’d won the potato challenge!  Our harvest weighed over 1kg 🙂  Well done for watering the potatoes so well, Robins!


If your child has medication in school such as an epi-pen, asthma inhaler, piriton etc, this will be sent home at the end of the day on Thursday 21st July.  Please check the expiry date on the medication and replace it if necessary so that when your child brings it back to school in September it has a long life as we are unable to administer out-of-date medication.

Thank you.


Please could you send a carrier bag into school for your Robin to bring home their treasures from the year?

For Welly Wednesday we would like to have a little picnic so if you could send in something for the Robins to share we would be very grateful 🙂

Robins Monday

Today the Robins flew to Holland and found out that there are lots of windmills there as it’s such a flat country!  They made their own windmills with moving sails, they tried to paint Van Gogh’s sunflowers and made some lovely paper collages of tulips.  The children worked outside to make windmills from duplo and painted their own windmills too.

This afternoon they had PE outside, tasted Dutch cheese (which was very popular!) and to end the day, Mrs Wilgus came in to read the children some stories in Dutch!  The children were very excited at this and loved learning to count to 10 in Dutch – thank you Mrs Wilgus 🙂

Robins in France!

Today the Robins used their passports and flew to France!  They found out about iconic French landmarks including the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame and the Arc de Triomphe.  They have made clay snails, painted French flags, written postcards, made Eiffel Towers from spaghetti and clay and cut out clothes they’d need to take on holiday.

The children have also tasted baguette, croissant, brie and grapes… a really lovely day 🙂

For Welly Wednesday tomorrow, please could your Robin look for a snail to bring to school?  We’ll be going on a snail safari tomorrow!