I can’t wait for Wednesday in the Puffins!

I am so looking forward to Wednesday this week because I will be able to read all of the fabulous stories that the Puffins have written over Half Term! We will soon be starting our new topic of Norway so if you have ever been there or know someone who has, now is the time to dig out the photos!


Mrs Burrin

31 October 2016

Robins’ Monday

The Robins have listened to a Meg and Mog story today and drawn their own pictures and written sentences to go with them.  We’ve begun a block of work on shapes and we’ve been learning about corners and working out what shape could be hiding from us on the cleverboard!  The children made collage pictures of Meg and Mog too.  In PE the children had a great time moving around the hall like snakes, frogs and spiders and afterwards we listened to the fossil section of Saint Saens’ Carnival of the animals and learned two new songs.

We began our Phase 2 phonics today and the children worked on the ‘s’ sound.  They’ve brought home a little sound book in their bags – please help your child to think of some things that start with ‘s’ and then the children can draw them.  If they’d like to add the word below that would be great, or you could write it for them.  There’s also a Jolly Phonics ‘s’ sheet for them to do.  Please send the sound book back to school every day so that we can add the next sound.  Our sound tomorrow is ‘a’ so if you’d like to send in an item beginning with ‘a’ to put on the sound table that would be lovely 🙂

Welcome back Swifts!

Hello Swifts!

I hope you have all had a great half term, I know I have!

You all worked incredibly hard last half term so lets keep it up and have another brilliant half term.

Our Topic for this half term is ‘We are Great Britain’. In this topic we will be looking at the 4 Nations (England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales).

In Literacy, we will be looking at stories with repeating patterns, information texts and poems with pattern and rhyme.

In Maths, we will be focusing on counting, sequences, mental addition, money, time, doubling and halving and shape. The area of maths that we all need to practice a bit more was subtraction! Practice some subtraction sums at home if you can, it will really help! 🙂

In Science we will be looking at ‘Animals and Humans’. We will be looking at different body parts as well as looking at the different stages of the human life-cycle (baby, toddler, child, teenager, adult, elderly).

Our PE days are Monday and Wednesday – Please bring your PE kits in with you on Monday morning and if you want to take them home, then do so on a Friday!

Homework and Spellings will be set on a Tuesday and will be due in the following Tuesday.

Reading books will be changed regularly. Please read with your child each evening and make sure to sign their diary afterwards.

Thank You

Miss Allan 🙂


We’re looking forward to seeing you on Monday Robins!  We’ll be starting Phase 2 phonics and our first sound is ‘s’.  If you’d like to bring something into school that begins with ‘s’ please do and we can put it on our sound table.  Parents, please visit our class page to view the phonics articulation video clip 🙂

A busy last week!

Well done everybody we made it! What a fantastic half term we have had, thank you everyone for helping me settle in. This week was the last week of rainforests, meaning we have a new topic after half term….

In maths we have continued improving our understanding of place value and in literacy we have had a fabulous week creating our own ‘marvellous medicines’ for Grandma… (some wonderfully disgusting ideas – I must say).

I have set you all homework to complete over half term in your purple homework books, these include: writing a letter, writing a short story, Mathletics and reading – I cannot wait to read some of your ideas for Grandma’s revenge.

Just a reminder for after half term that ALL children must have suitable PE kit which includes trainers/ socks and a different tshirt and shorts/jogging bottoms. Those who do not bring the kit will have to sit out.

Lastly, I hope you all enjoy your half term and spend plenty of time relaxing.

Stone Age Bone Age Day Tomorrow!

I can’t wait to see all the Woodpeckers in their costumes tomorrow! Thank you for all your help with the creations!

The children can come to school in their costumes, but if you think they may become uncomfortable during the day, then do send in something to change into.

Please can they still bring in their reading books and homework diaries.

I will post some photographs of the day a.s.a.p.

Mrs Mallace

A busy final week before half term for the Eagles!

What a week it has been! Tag rugby champions, poetry writing and performing, maths problem solving challenges, cooking and lots more!

The Eagles have worked really hard this half term, but be prepared as they will be working even harder next half term!

Have a fab half term next week and I look forward to seeing you all refreshed and ready to go straight after it.

Mrs Miles

Robins’ Wednesday

Today the Robins made Elmer masks with paper plates and tissue paper squares, made patterned Elmers with paint and worked at name writing and counting.  For our Welly Wednesday walk we went to Spaldwick church.  We found the font and discovered what it’s made of and what it’s used for, we counted the crosses in the church and looked at the pulpit, lectern and altar.  The children also looked at the bell ropes, kneelers and books and outside found shapes and clocks.

Today in Blackbirds

Thank you so much to all the Mums and Dads, Granny and brother that made the time to visit the classroom this morning, we hope you enjoyed seeing what we get up to!

We continued to have a busy day, Tuesday is our going for green day, and many of the class moved up the ladder for being in the green. This week we are learning how to double and halve numbers, which some of us are finding quite tricky, but we are trying hard.

We did our spellings this afternoon and a record number of Blackbirds scored 10/10, so that was great as the words were quite hard this week.

We also enjoyed completing our Klimt style sunflower paintings, I will try and put some photos on the gallery page.