Today the Robins have been thinking about ’10 green bottles’ and have sung the song, practised their pencil control in a bottle handwriting activity and ordered numbered bottles.  They’ve worked with our woodland treasures in the tuff spots and practised making green with the paints.

Next week we’re thinking about Elmer the elephant and will be working at mixing primary colours to create new colours, completing our Phase 1 phonics and we’ll be working with money.  If you would like to help your child, it would be great if you could use pennies and two pences to practise counting and sorting.

Have a lovely weekend 🙂

Busy busy busy!

Another great week Kingfishers, well done to all of you for continuing to work so hard! It was great meeting all the parents on Wednesday/Thursday and have the opportunity to discuss our learning. This week we have been looking at area and perimeter in maths and have been writing poems in Literacy. The poems were FANTASTIC, so if you haven’t had a chance to look at them during parents evening please come and see them!

This week I have decided to set Mathletics homework based on what we have been studying buy clonazepam online overnight this week and each child has 3 or 4 activities to complete. I will be checking Mathletics next Friday morning to see how we have been getting on. If you are unable to access the internet and Mathletics at home then please send the children in and we will find a suitable time to log them on and give them the chance to do this.

Please remember spellings will be tested on Monday and PE will continue on Tuesdays and Fridays so bring your kit.

Best Wishes,

Mr Piper


Robins’ Thursday

The Robins have had a really busy day today!  They have been practising fizzy fingers activities by wrapping twigs in wool and making leaf necklaces, they’ve been working in our new construction role play area, made 10 fat sausages with play dough and they’ve thought about words that start with the same letter and drawn pictures of these and written captions.  In the Robins’ garden the children really enjoyed a sausage treasure hunt and then ordered the numbered sausages along a number line, they used conkers and cones to create beautiful patterns in sand and they worked in our ‘milking parlour’ at a capacity and pouring activity!  This afternoon we explored weighing and ordered bags of corn, oats and lentils and then found classroom objects that weighed the same as one of the bags.  After this we had buddy time.

On another note, could I ask that you return your Home/School agreement as soon as possible please?  Thank you 🙂

Busy, buzzy Puffins

The Puffins are coming to the end of a busy week having learned about perimeter and area, instructional texts and Gandhi. We also completed our entries for a poetry competition. Next week we will be buzzing – as we are going to be spending at least two days finding out about electricity!

Mrs Burrin 13/10/16

Robins’ Monday

The children practised singing ‘Three blind mice’ today and painted mice, drew mice in shaving foam and wrote captions for pictures of mice.  They practised finding sets of objects and then matching numerals to these sets.  All the Robins had a session with Mrs Leaver in the ICT suite and we had a great PE session in the hall with the apparatus.  The children got changed in record time!

Please look in your Robin’s book bag as reports and parents evening slips are enclosed.

Working Woodpeckers

We’ve been delving deep into history in the Woodpeckers and are well aware of the many different sources for finding out about the past. Now we’re linking into the more scientific side to the topic & thinking about food chains, balanced diets and skeletons from Pre-historic times and modern buy klonopin online overnight delivery day.

Also this week, we are very much looking forward to the grand finale of our dance unit with HSSP coaches Mrs David & Mr. Short. We’ve been exploring movements for pistons, wheels and springs. Let’s hope our machines don’t break down in the final lesson!

Mrs M.

Keep it up Kingfishers!

Well done Kingfishers, another brilliant week including our wonderful harvest day on Thursday where we made paper plate animals and went on our ‘welly walk’, getting very close to 11 cows!

In Literacy we started our poetry unit which will carry on this week, while in maths we looked at doubling and halving. Also, we have continued with our rainforest topic and were finally able to perform our Haka ‘flashmob’ with our Kayapo armbands… A BRILLIANT performance!

Just a quick reminder that the weekly spellings test will be on Monday so keep working hard on those! Homework was given out on Friday, and is due this Friday.

Lastly, reports will be given to the children on Monday as well as appointment cards for parent/teacher consultations on Wednesday/Thursday!

See you all soon,

Mr Piper


Robins’ Tuesday

We have been thinking about ‘Five little speckled frogs’ in Robins and the children have loved singing the song and acting it out!  They have been counting frogs and lily pads, they’ve ordered numbered frogs and have used powder paint to mix colours together to paint frogs.  The children have also been enjoying dough disco and writing their names and captions to go with pictures.

Please have a look in your Robin’s bookbag tonight as there are  a couple of things in there for you – one is in the diary; their log-in details for Mathletics.  The children were excited to see this on the cleverboard today.