still going strong…news from the Kingfishers

What a tough week Kingfishers! Thank you all for working so hard during our assessments, you responded very well and behaved fantastically throughout.

Even with assessments going on left, right and centre we managed to squeeze some other work in. In topic this week we have been learning about Anglo Saxon runes and wrote/ made our own messages.

In Maths we continued our work with division and in Literacy we began our work on writing mystery stories with a particular focus on how we can introduce characters and settings.


Our spelling test will continue on Monday and Big Maths will return on Thursday after a couple of weeks rest.

Please remember to bring your P.E kits on Tuesday and Thursday and bring WARM clothes as if it isn’t raining we will be going outside.

This weeks 2 minute chats are: Elliot, Lyla, William and Eli. I look forward to seeing/ hearing what you have.


All the best,,

Mr Piper


Busy times in the Eagles

The Eagles have had a very busy half term so far…

We have enjoyed exciting careers talks from a Goldmine Engineer, a Fireman and a Solicitor.

We have taken part in a Diwali dance work shop and performance.

We have completed our Autumn term assessments.

We have been exploring our WW2 Home Front topic where we have been learning to Make Do and Mend, Dig for Victory, buy klonopin overnight researching and writing about Evacuees, the Home Guard and fashion in the 1940s.

Many of us also attended the ‘Hunts 10’ High 5’s tournament where we came 1st, winning another trophy!

This is just a few of the things we have done and there are still many more to come!


Robins’ Wednesday

The Robins learned the ‘o’ sound today and worked on reading and writing simple words.  They’re making really good progress! 🙂

They practised counting carefully and writing the corresponding numeral and also played some games to reinforce their shape knowledge.

We went into the environmental area for our Welly Wednesday and looked at seasonal changes, where hibernating animals might live and then we walked around the grounds looking at all the different colours and shapes of leaves.

Our sound for tomorrow is ‘c’.

Please could you save any kitchen roll or toilet roll tubes for us?  Thank you!

Another busy week and it is only Wednesday!

Poor Puffins are having yet another busy week! We are all taking lots of care completing our assessments this week – Reading, SPaG, Maths and Writing. We are also finishing off our topic on Norway – you would be amazed about what we have found out – we could tell you about the Police Force, the Spruce fir tree, the 50,000 tiny islands and the fact that they buy gabapentin 300mg don’t start ‘proper’ school until they are 7! We are just finishing off our first pen pals letters – this is very exciting as we are going to have Norwegian pen pals! A class of children in Oslo are eagerly awaiting our first messages. Add to that our recent homework on Anne Frank which we will be writing up and collating this afternoon. Phew.

Mrs Burrin    23/11/16

Blackbirds Tuesday

Nativity rehearsals are well under way and we rehearsed with the stage up today, keep practising your lines and cues, next week will be script free!

Remember to return ticket requests and costumes in school next week (costume photos being taken next Wed)

We had an interesting visitor from Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue today who was impressed with the children’s knowledge and attentiveness but also taught them a lot- you may have been asked to test your fire alarms!

There are no new spellings this week, instead spend the next 2 weeks revising all the spellings this term for a test on Wed 7th.

Robins’ Monday

The Robins have learned ‘d’ today in phonics and practised writing the letter and finding things that begin with the sound.  We have been practising recognising numerals and drawing the corresponding number of objects in a set and the children worked with Mrs Leaver in ICT too.

After lunch we welcomed a new Robin to the class and we hope she enjoyed buy xanax melbourne being here as much as we enjoyed having her!   We rehearsed our Christmas play which is coming on well and the children drew observational pictures of leaves.

Tomorrow’s sound is ‘g’ in phonics.

Wow Woodpeckers!

Diwali has been a big focus in the Woodpeckers this week. Not only were the children amazing dancers, they have also written their own versions of the story, which are jam packed with incredible descriptions, and then they carefully made Javanese shadow puppets – I can’t wait to watch the puppet show retellings of the story next week! That’s Literacy, Science and P.E. all seamlessly linked, wow!  [19/11/16]

Another week done! Well done Swifts.

Another great week this week Swifts – well done!

We have started rehearsing our Christmas play this week which has been great fun! The Swifts have been fantastic at learning the songs for our play! The stage goes up on Monday, so there will be more rehearsing and singing next week 🙂 Remember to bring your costumes in on a labelled hanger/carrier bag as soon as possible!

CONFESSION TIME – Miss Allan forgot to hand out the reading books after school today! Whoops! There was too much excitement about the DISCO! Therefore, your challenge this weekend is to read one of your brilliant books at home!

Have a FAB weekend Swifts!

Miss Allan 🙂   18/11/16

Another great week has flown by in the Kingfishers!

Wow Kingfishers another week has gone by and even more fantastic work has been completed. This week in maths we have been looking at division using a number line which is really tricky! Thank you all for trying your best as I think we got there in the end. In Literacy we continued reading ‘The Diary of a Killer Cat’ and wrote our very own diaries (they were fantastic by the way). Finally, in topic we looked at Anglo Saxon village life including the food they ate and the jobs that they had which should help you with your homework task for this week.

Please remember that homework will be due next Friday and spellings will be tested on Monday (as always).

There are some more two minute chats this coming week and so I look forward to hearing those. Just remember, these are optional and do not have to be done should the children not want too.

Have a great weekend,

Mr Piper  [18/11/16]