Robins’ Tuesday

Today the children have learned a new digraph – ‘ee’  and practised reading the other Phase 3 sounds that they’ve covered so far.  They worked on weighing and compared different sized boxes and containers and used everyday words to describe their weights.  In Literacy the Robins made Happy Chinese New Year cards, they also made collage roosters today, drew a picture of a vase of beautiful tulips, practised their counting skills and ordered the animals in the race.

Our sound tomorrow is ‘igh’ – please remember to bring a hat and gloves as it’ll be Welly Wednesday!

Kung hei fat choy from the Robins!

The Robins learned the ‘ai’ sound today in phonics and sang a song and practised segmenting the sounds in words like ‘rain’, ‘pain’, ‘wait’, ‘sail’ etc.  We then watched a video on how the Chinese New Year got their names and the children took part in a range of activities linked to this such as writing invitations to watch the race and making puppets and writing sentences to go with them.  The children have made hats with an animal from the story on and they’ve used these to race around with on the bikes and trikes outside, they’ve also acted out the race with toys in one of the tuff spots.

Some children have ordered the animals and practised using ‘first/second/third’ etc while others have made Kung Hei Fat Choy cards and others used tweezers as chopsticks for sorting.

In PE this afternoon we continued our work on throwing and catching and we were really pleased with the progress the children have made with this.  To finish, we thought about the celebrations that we have and talked about Diwali, Chinese New Year, birthdays, weddings and parties for Christmas.

Our sound tomorrow is ‘ee’.

Weekly update from the Kingfishers.


Firstly, a massive thank you to any parents/carers that came and joined us during Tuesday’s science lesson, it was great to see so many adult faces!

This week in Literacy we have begun looking at newspapers including writing headlines and captions. Next week we will continue this work and write our own newspaper articles. In Maths we have been looking at a range of place value work including using negative numbers and being able to multiply/divide by 10,100 and 1000. This week we have started our second science topic of the half term – states of matter. We have learnt all about the 3 different states including their molecular structure and are beginning to investigate reversible and irreversible reactions.


Spellings will be tested on Monday and new spellings will be given to practice for the following week.

Homework has been set this afternoon and should go home with the children today in their purple books.

Also, please remember that PE has now moved to Tuesday morning so the children can come to school in their PE kits but they must bring their uniform into school to get changed back into.

This week’s two minute chats are: Ellen, Rebecca, Elliot, Lyla and William. Just remember that these are optional and so the children do not have to do it should they not want too.

Have a good weekend!

Mr Piper (27.01.17).

Roman Day!

Thank you Woodpeckers, & grown ups, for the amazing effort you made with your costumes for our Roman Day, you looked fantastic!!! It was a fascinating day,  you acted out the different roles so enthusiastically, which really helped us all to absorb lots of information. You need to be ever so proud of yourselves -our visiting Roman made lots of compliments about your behaviour, well done & thank you!

Keep your eyes posted on the carousel for photographs…

Mrs M.

Robins’ Thursday

We worked on the ‘ng’ sound in phonics today and revised all the Phase 3 sounds covered so far – the children did really well with them!  We then watched a video of ‘Owl Babies’ and thought back to how we had helped Harold feel happier in the LEC bus and we wrote letters to the owl babies with ideas for how they could feel better.  These are on display in the classroom already!  The children made mini owls to decorate their owl fact pages that they made and they worked in our new Wildlife vets centre.

In maths today the children practised adding two numbers together and then we worked on weighing the classroom toys, comparing the heaviest with the lightest.

Robins’ Wednesday

Today the Robins have worked on ‘ch’ in phonics and practised reading and writing words with this sound.  They have all taken part in a guided reading session and the children have also all made a flying owl for our display in the classroom.  We had a lovely, foggy Welly Wednesday walk this afternoon and we looked at features that are the same and different to where we live.  We found some ice to step and stamp on and we looked for twigs to bring back to school for a maths activity.  When we got back the children sorted the twigs into long and short and we talked about medium sized, we then counted how many were in each set and practised counting on from a number other than one.

Our sound tomorrow is ‘ng’.

Robins’ Monday

The Robins worked on their first digraph today – ‘sh’! We read sentences and sang a song about the ‘sh’ sound.  We also read ‘Owl Babies’ by Martin Waddell and then wrote sentences to go with some pictures from the story.  The children have begun a handprint owl for our new display and they will finish this tomorrow.  In PE we continued with our ball skills and practised throwing and catching to ourselves and to a partner.  The children have improved so much!  To finish the day we used the number fans to find numbers that were more than or fewer than a given number and we also found numbers that were between two given numbers.

Our sound tomorrow is ‘th’.

Real life Maths in Puffins

Over the last couple of days the Puffins have been using their knowledge of the 4 operations – add, subtract, multiply and divide – to plan a party. They have had to work with money too because they had a budget of £4000 to spend whilst trying to sort out the venue, entertainment, food, drink and invitations.

They then designed a theme park – they had to plan the layout and then cost out the building work. This was slightly more ambitious but you never know!

This week they are using metric units of measurement. So maybe when you need a new bathroom fitting and budgeting for, your Puffin can help you!

Mrs Burrin


Back with the Woodpeckers!

Goodness Woodpeckers, where did that week go?! It’s been great getting back to normal and finishing off our one to one chats – don’t forget to share your Autumn term data sheets  with your grown ups.

I shall be trying to sort out my costume for our Roman day this weekend, I hope you’re getting on ok with yours. I’ll be raiding the airing cupboard for sheets & then working out what would be ok for a belt. Still, I know it’ll be worth it, Thursday will be fantastic – a million times better than Stone Age Bone Age day!

Have a lovely weekend!

Mrs M.

Robins’ Tuesday

You might have a sleepy Robin this evening as we’ve been so busy today!

We worked on our Phase 3 phonics and learned ‘z’ this morning and then we practised using number fans to show how many claps and stamps we could hear.  We counted sets of bears and paw prints and then used a number line to write our numbers.  We used ‘most’ and ‘fewer’ to describe the sets.

We made starry skies with glass beads and other materials, we estimated how many cubes would fit into our footprint and then found out and we made some lovely pictures of teddy bears, trying to show how soft and fluffy they are.

After lunch we thought about noises that might wake us up at night and wrote about these and then to finish our day we sang songs and some Robins sang solos!

Our sound for tomorrow is ‘qu’ – we say that ‘q’ and ‘u’ stick like glue!  This is our first digraph 🙂