Spring 2 in the Swifts!

Hello Swifts!

We have had a great first week back after half term! Well done! We had lots of fun today making pancakes and then writing the instructions on how we made them – the pancakes tasted yummy!

If you haven’t already guessed, our topic for this half term is castles! Our trip to Rockingham Castle is on Tuesday 7th of March (next Tuesday).

In science we will be looking at animals and their habitats. More importantly, how some animals have adapted to the conditions that they live in!

Our homework and spelling books are still due in on a Tuesday.

PE is still on a Monday and Wednesday so make sure you bring your PE kits 🙂

On another note, recently, there have been many appearances of soft toys in the Swifts. Please can your lovely teddies stay at home during the school day! I would be very sad if they went missing 🙁

Robins’ Monday

Today the Robins worked on the ‘ear’ sound in phonics and we read sentences containing words with phase 3 sounds and also our new sound.  The children then listened to ‘A new room for William’ by Sally Grindley and Carol Thompson.  We talked in pairs about our bedrooms and what we have in them and then the children  wrote some brilliant sentences – mostly independently!

The children worked outside with a range of different sized objects to sort and order them, they used the sand and PE trolley.  Some used printing materials to design their own wallpaper.

In PE today we had two pieces of music which inspired dances about building houses and looking around a house that had been built for us – the children really enjoyed this and expressed their ideas well.

We finished with a PSHE activity based on family and friends.

Our sound tomorrow is ‘air’.

If you have a shoe box that your Robin could bring in tomorrow we’d be very grateful 🙂

Puffins – busy again!

What a busy week that was! And there is more to follow!

Thank you so much for the amazing puppets that you made over Half Term – we will be using them this week to act out our Shakespearian plays.

We also have our Drama Day on Tuesday – I am so excited, I can’t wait to see all you budding Romeos and Juliets. All the acting will no doubt help you with your parts in the years 3-5 production.

Don’t forget that this week’s homework is to keep learning your lines.

Costume letters went out on Friday – please let me know if you have any questions or hiccups that I might be able to help with.

Help please Kingfishers!

Help please Kingfisher parents!

As part of our transport topic we will be making our own 3D models using recyclable materials. So, your job for the next few weeks is to collect as many recyclable things as possible.

Things such as shoe boxes, cereal boxes and old plastic buy ambien online paypal bottles (including lids) would be ideal. Please help so we can make this a fantastic lesson! The materials will need to be in by Wednesday 15th March with our lesson planned to take place during that week.

Thank you so much!

Mr Piper.

What a whirlwind of a Kingfisher week… literally!


What a brilliant week back, thank you for such amazing transport homework it has been excellent to hear all about them!

This week we have started our new transport topic and, using Ipads, have begun to investigate how transport differs around the world. This week in Literacy we have had a huge focus on SPAG including lessons on prepositions, direct speech, parenthesis and using modal verbs. We will continue with our SPAG focus throughout next week. In Maths we have revisited multiplication using grid method and have certainly improved throughout the week.


This week buy antibiotics online amoxicillin spellings will be tested on Tuesday so you have a whole extra night to practice! New spellings will be given on Tuesday ready for the next week.

Homework has been set on Mathletics revisiting the grid method.

Also, please remember that PE has now moved to Tuesday morning so the children can come to school in their PE kits but they must bring their uniform into school to get changed back into.

Also, two minute chat letters will be handed out tomorrow.

Have a good weekend!

Mr Piper (23.02.17).

Robins’ Tuesday

Today the Robins learned the ‘ow’ sound in phonics and practised reading and writing words and sentences with these and other Phase 3 sounds.  Tomorrow’s sound is ‘oi’.

We began a new block of work in maths on subtraction and the children undertook practical activities linked to this.  We’ll continue to focus on ‘taking away’ for this week.  The Robins also made salt dough pigs to go with our Three Little Pigs theme, piggy hats and collages of the pigs’ houses.

They worked outside with construction equipment to make houses, water to revisit capacity and used the outdoor PE equipment.

It’s Welly Wednesday tomorrow so please ensure that your Robin has a warm coat and their wellies in school, than you 🙂

Robins’ Monday

Today the Robins began our new topic on ‘Homes’ and listened to the story of ‘The three little pigs’.  They loved joining in with the repeated refrains and they all worked hard to write instructions from the pigs to the big bad wolf!  Our sound was ‘ur’ in phonics today and tomorrow we’ll learn ‘ow’.  The children worked outside to build houses from a range of equipment and they also used the instruments to play along with our Jolly Phonics CD.

We revisited weighing today in a practical activity and the children showed how good they are at balancing 🙂

In PE we began a new block of work on dance and the children had great fun creating dances to the story of the little pigs.  We thought about our families in PSE and talked about who lives in our houses, where our relatives live and how often we see them.

Reminder for the Puffins

Hello my lovely Puffins and people at home!

Hopefully the trauma of puppet making is over for you all now and the Puffins will be bringing their characters into school on Monday. My apologies if you never want to see another piece of felt again or you are still trying to untangle the string!

As we will be rehearsing our parts in the Y3-5  show can you remember to bring your scripts into school please?

Thank you

Mrs Burrin

Half term is here! Message for the Kingfishers

Well done Kingfishers for working tirelessly throughout the last half term. In particular this last week with all of our assessments. Make sure you rest up and relax plenty over half term ready for another busy half term (including our Y3-5 production)!

Homework should have been handed out on Friday with three tasks to complete. Task 1 is to complete a model of a form of transport. Task 2 was a set of instructions of how the model was made and task 3 was set on mathletics. These should be completed and handed back in during the first week of half term.

Enjoy the break!

Mr Piper