Have an Eggcellent Easter!


At last the final week has ended! It was a fantastic week with lots of eggciting activities.

This week we finished our Easter topic and made our very own ‘Easter eggs’. In Literacy we created our own sweets/chocolates (inspired by Willy Wonka), wrote instructions on how to make them and advertised them to the rest of the class. Sadly, e have now finished that particular book. In Maths we continued to study shape with this weeks focus on translation and reflection.


Spellings have been handed out and will be tested during the first week back.

Homework will be for the children to read and quiz at home, a couple of activities for them to complete on Mathletics and importantly to have an enjoyable Easter with their families and friends including time to relax!

See you all  soon,

Mr J Piper (31.03.2017)

Robins’ Tuesday

Today the Robins worked on the days of the week and practised singing the song, then ordering the days of the week.  We updated our weather chart and talked about how the season is still spring.  The children also worked on Phase 3 phonics, and some revised some sounds (ar) while others practised writing words with phase 3 sounds in independently.  In Literacy today we continued our work on homes and read buy gabapentin in uk ‘Sharing a shell’ by Julia Donaldson.  We recounted the story to a partner then wrote sentences and captions to go with pictures that we drew.

We continued our Bible stories work and the children made 3D rainbow paper sculptures – these are now on display in the classroom.  The children worked outside and continued with their McDonalds role play!

Sorry its a late message for Kingfishers!


Firstly well done to all the Kingfishers, Woodpeckers and Puffins who performed in ‘Daniel’… we smashed it! So now time for a well deserved rest…

Last week we began our RE topic based on ‘Easter’ and investigated the Easter story and the things that symbolise the religious festival. This learning will continue through until Friday when this short topic will end.  Last week in Literacy we continued our work on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and will finish this Class Reader on Friday after some very exciting Literacy lessons! We will continue with more exciting work based around this book next week. In Maths we continued to study shape including calculating area and perimeter. This will set the children up nicely as we continue to investigate shapes throughout this week including reflection and translation.


Spellings will be handed out later in the week and these will not be tested until after Easter so plenty of practice!

Homework was set on friday and included writing a letter in purple books and some Mathletics tasks.

Also, please remember to come into PE kits tomorrow!

Finally, our last two minute chats of this half term will be on Thursday (30th) and so I look forward to hearing from Sophia, Layla, Bradley, Asher and Andrew.

Again, apologies for the late post.

Mr J Piper (27.03.2017)

Puffins please!


Mathletics for this week and a small amount of homework for Easter have been given out today. Details are in the Home/School Record books.

A request please …we are hoping to do big measuring in Maths on Thursday. If any of you have any large tape measures that you could bring into school for us to use that would be extremely helpful. Only gentle tape measures please, not those spiteful ones that are made of metal and snap back and slice your fingers!

Thank you

Mrs Burrin



Robins’ Monday

Today the Robins worked on Phase 3 sounds in phonics and practised reading words and matching them to pictures.  In Literacy we read the story of creation from the bible and the children wrote sentences to recount the story.  We worked outside to build obstacle courses and the children practised making patterns with a range of apparatus.  In PE the children worked on the apparatus and also practised their skills in skipping – what great progress they’ve made!  We were so pleased!

To finish the day we began our block of work on time and sand the ‘Days of the week’ song, talked about the seasons and linked it to the weather.  We will focus on time for the whole of this week.

Robins’ Wednesday

The Robins all took part in guided reading activities today and they worked with Mrs Page on some salt dough creations which you’ll be seeing soon!  In Maths we practised counting claps and finding the right number on a number fan and then the children worked in small groups with long skipping ropes to make shapes.  They talked about how many corners they had and how many sides and what was special about the sides.  Some groups made pentagons and hexagons!

In phonics we revised all our Phase 3 sounds and worked at building words with these sounds.


Robins’ Tuesday

Today we worked on building words in phonics using our Phase 3 sounds.  In Maths the children continued our shape work and sorted shapes, made shapes with lolly sticks and used our shapes to make pictures.  They then talked about their work.  We read a new book in Literacy – ‘All kinds of homes’ by Emma Damon – and the children then made their own lift the flap pages and wrote captions and sentences to go with them.

This afternoon we all enjoyed watching the dress rehearsal of the Year 3, 4 and 5 show.

I enjoyed looking at the children’s homework today and have put new homework in their books for next week

Don’t forget it’s Welly Wednesday tomorrow – please send your Robin in with a warm coat!

Robins’ Monday

The Robins recapped all Phase 3 sounds today and worked on the tricky words.  In Literacy we read ‘Guess where I live’ and wrote captions and sentences about different animals and where they live.  We made a jungle for our wild animals to live, we made hand paintings and worked on number sentences – adding and taking away using dice.

In PE this afternoon the children completed a yoga session which we all really enjoyed and then to finish the day we had a PSHE session on falling out and making friends.

Woodpeckers’ Homework

The next chapter has been set on Purple Mash, along with the follow up task/s. I have not set any maths homework, as next week will be busy with the evening performances. But, please do keep up with sharing your reading with grown ups, it is sooooooo important!

Have a good weekend, can’t wait for us to put on ‘the show’ next week!

Mrs M.