Be prepared Woodpeckers!

Enjoy the long weekend Woodpeckers, but remember to come straight back ready for a splash on Tuesday! So, that’s your swimmers on underneath your uniform & your ‘wot nots’ in a separate bag with a towel. As discussed today, make sure you have money for snack or bring one in, you need it after all that water work.

Fingers crossed that Spring hangs around for the weekend, & I’ll see you on Tuesday!

Mrs M

Puffins – week beginning 24 April

Thank you Puffins for a fabulous and busy week. We have finished off our latest topic on the Earth, Moon and Sun and started to write up our ‘free style’ stories – I’ve never seen so much writing!

Homework this week is a sculpture – it can be in any medium but if it is being brought into school it can be no bigger than a shoebox. I have spoken to the children about this already and they know what they have to do. It can be a temporary sculpture made at home which is then photographed (and then the photo brought in or emailed to me), a wild sculpture made out of natural materials, a Lego creation, a clay or plasticine sculpture, or one made from cardboard. It can be realistic or wacky – we have looked at modern sculpture and we have already come up with lots of ideas so do not be alarmed by your child’s ingenuity!

Results in by Wednesday 3 May please.

Have a glorious weekend and enjoy the lie-in on Monday.

Mrs Burrin

28 April 2017



Wonderful Wet Woodpeckers!

Our first swimming session of the year was fantastic! Well done, you all had everything you needed and took good care of it whilst at the pool – well we didn’t leave anything behind, I just hope it went home in the right bags! You all worked really hard at the tasks you were set & myself, Mrs Dean & Mrs Field are looking forward to taking you again next week. Thank you!

Mrs Mallace

Robins’ Monday

Today the Robins watched ‘Rosie’s Walk’ on the clever board and then practised recounting the story to a partner.  We wrote sentences and captions which many of the children completed independently 🙂

We had a special assembly today which was great fun and the Robins enjoyed this and then we painted pictures of chickens and chicks, worked on the classroom computers and practised making patterns.

After lunch the children took part in our first PE session outside which caused great excitement!  We began some work on athletics in preparation for Sports Afternoon.  We finished the day on a PSE activity linked to how we’re different and the same.

Please look at the Robins class page as there is a link to the end of year expectations for Reception children which you may find interesting.

Welcome back Kingfishers!


Firstly welcome back after the Easter break. I hope you had lots of time to relax, but more importantly eat lots of chocolate!

This week we have begun our ‘Local History’ topic and have investigated Ely Cathedral in preparation for next weeks visit. We used Google earth to have a look at the cathedral and surrounding grounds and spent Friday morning collecting a range of facts about the Cathedral on the iPads. In Literacy we began to look at persuasive leaflets and the features used attract customers. This will carry on until next week where we will design our very own leaflets based on an exciting attraction.  Sadly we only had time for one maths lesson this week and so recapped how to add and subtract using columns.


Spellings will be tested on Monday and new spellings handed out the same day.

There will be no homework this week but be assured that next weeks homework will be doubly hard to make up for lost time.

Also, please remember that our PE days are Tuesday (come to school in PE kit) and Friday!

Enjoy the weekend,

Mr Piper (21/04/17)

Robins’ Thursday

The Robins continued their focus on Easter today and heard the Easter story.  They then wrote a recount of it, trying to hear all the sounds in words and remembering finger spaces and full stops.  They worked on Purple Mash with Mrs Field and also completed their Easter cards.  After lunch the children can i buy ambien at cvs worked on shape recognition and counting in their Easter books and finished the day by taking part in a maths activity where they recognised and counted out sets of objects with numbers up to 20.

Don’t forget it’s Rocket Readers tomorrow – please make sure you’ve filled in your Robin’s reading diary 🙂

Robins’ Wednesday

It has been lovely to have the Robins back in the classroom – and we’ve all had a busy day!

One of the first things we did was to pay a quiet visit to see the chicks!  Later on some of us fed the big chickens.

We read with every child today – please continue to read with your child every day – even five minutes makes such a difference.  Afterwards we worked on Phonics – consolidating our knowledge of Phase 3 sounds and some of us worked on ccvc words (consonant, vowel, consonant, consonant).  The children took part in their first ever ‘Sentence of the Day’ and we were really pleased with how they got on! 🙂

We have built an Easter garden – the children used the woodwork bench to make little crosses and then continued with this activity, some of the children wrote thank you letters to the Easter bunny, others made Easter cards.  We have begun working on counting and recognising numbers to 20 and the children ordered number cards, talking about which numbers were more or less.  The children also worked outside in the texture kitchen, with the bikes and trikes and in the sand.

As part of our topic this term we will be planting seeds and although we have some of our own, if you’d like to send some seeds in we’d love to have them.


Woodpeckers’ Purple Mash Problems!

Apologies for any problems encountered when trying to complete the Serial Mash homework on Purple Mash over the Easter holidays, but unbeknownst to me the subscription ran out! It has been extend for an extra 7 days, so that you can get your homework finished – it might be worth reading the remaining chapters too, just in case we are unable to renew the subscription – I don’t like not finishing a book!

Mrs M.

Welcome back Blackbirds!

Hope you have all had a great Easter break and are looking forward to the new term.

We will be having PE on Mondays and Thursdays so please remember your kit and trainers as we will be outside most of the time.

Our topic this half term is all about how the Victorian era has influenced us and in Science we will be planting and investigating how things grow.

Spellings will be on Wednesdays, going for green on Tuesdays and Homework in on Thursdays.


Hi Woodpeckers!

Hope you’ve all had a fantastic break! In between trips to beaches & parks, I have enjoyed marking the magnificent myths that you wrote last 1/2 term – we can have a look at them together later this week. Did anyone sneak in a bit of swimming during the holidays? I’m really looking forward to our swimming sessions that start next Tuesday.

Mrs M.