Robins’ minibeast day

What a lovely day we all had today!  And what fabulous costumes the children had!  We learned about halves today while we decorated biscuits in our maths lesson and we looked at a very funny picture of a frog with some snails for our sentences of the day!  We made salt dough snails and these are ready to paint tomorrow and to finish the day we had our minibeast picnic in the studio 🙂


Robins’ Monday

The Robins were excited to find some visitors in the classroom today!  We have some lovely stripy snails which we looked closely at.  We saw the two pairs of horns – your Robin will tell you what they’re for, we found the little hole that the snail breathes through and we looked at the snail’s foot.  Afterwards, the Robins began a block of work on non-fiction writing and wrote some facts about the snails.  There was more excitement when we opened a parcel which had some tiny baby caterpillars inside!  These will hopefully grow into big caterpillars, make cocoons and then hatch into butterflies after half term.

The children planted some tomato plants, looked at their bean seeds which have germinated and we also practised for sports day in our PE lesson.

Please remember that tomorrow’s our Minibeast day – we’re really looking forward to seeing the children in their outfits 🙂  And if you have a little contribution to our picnic we’d also be very grateful.

Puffins w/c 22 May

Hello Puffins

Please remember to have your PE kits in school all week. As soon as the field is dry we will be sorting out our racing teams for the Sports Afternoon – hopefully this may happen on Monday :). Then on Wednesday you will be joining forces with the Eagles and Mrs Marriott from HSSP for an afternoon of team building and sports tournament challenges. Friday is PE in the morning and then the Sports Afternoon. After all this activity you’ll need to take your kits home for a wash in Half Term!

Mrs Bell will be joining you on Wednesday for a morning of Gravity experiments. We will be continuing our writing about the sea and the Titanic – last week’s writing was amazing so I’m really looking forward to hearing and reading your results this week.

Mrs Burrin   21/5/17

Hollywood continues in the Kingfishers


Another great week learning all about Hollywood! This week we planned and designed our very own shoebox scenes based on a scene from our own films. The ends results were excellent, well don’t to all the children for working so hard yesterday! We also experimented with some French and learnt some famous film phrases and put these into a French performance. In Literacy we wrote our own film synopsis and designed a DVD case for our films. In maths we looked at measuring and converting between units.. This included measuring the height of film stars, the distance from Hollywood to major cities around the world and looking at a range of cinema food and drink.


Spellings will be tested on Monday and new spellings handed out the same day (hopefully).

Homework has been set in Purple books and so they need to be handed in next friday.

Our PE days are Tuesday (come to school in PE kit) and Friday, but we will be squeezing in more PE next week in preparation for sports day! Finally, 2 minute chats will continue this week with Layla, Asher, Willoughby, Grace and Jai on Thursday. On Friday Ruby, Kitty, Emily, Lyla, Daisy and Eli will have the chance to present something for us too.

Enjoy the weekend,

Mr Piper (19.05.17)

Kingfishers….. The ‘Musical’


What a fantastic week with the Kingfishers! We continued our Hollywood themed topic and were able to create our own movie theme tunes using Boom whackers on the playground, a fantastic afternoon out in the sun! In Literacy we finished writing our film reviews based on ‘For the Birds’ and they were fantastic! In maths we looked at data handling and line graphs.


Spellings will be tested on Monday and new spellings handed out the same day (hopefully).

Homework has been set on Mathletics (5 0r 6 activities each) in preparation for our learning next week.

Our PE days are Tuesday (come to school in PE kit) and Friday! Finally, 2 minute chats will begin again this week with Ellen, Zoe, Amelia, Ronnie and Matthew.

Enjoy the weekend,

Mr Piper (12.05.17)

Robins’ Wednesday

The Robins have taken part in guided reading with a member of the Robins team this morning and have also created symmetrical butterfly paintings, made smoothies using healthy fruits and juices and they’ve worked on the tablets.

This afternoon we went on a minibeast safari and looked out for lots of creatures – your Robin will tell you what we found!  As the weather was so lovely we completed Welly Wednesday with a visit to the park 🙂