Robins’ Monday

Today the Robins listened to the story of ‘The very hungry caterpillar’ and joined in with the repeated refrains.  They then tried to recount the story and write a sentence about it.  They also made salt dough caterpillars (which are looking great and ready to paint tomorrow 🙂 ), they used healthy foods to make food sculptures of the caterpillar and they used the classroom computers to make pictures of the caterpillar and to type a sentence.

After lunch we practised our athletics ready for Sports afternoon and then we finished the day by watching ‘I don’t want to wash my hands’ by Tony Ross and we talked about keeping clean and healthy.

Puffins 8 May 2017

Hello Puffins!

Hope you are having a glorious weekend!

Don’t forget your new topic homework is due in on Wednesday. I’m really looking forward to studying the History of Toys and Games. Remember to do your work on a piece of A4 paper so that we can make our massive timeline right across the classroom wall! Who did you speak to? Did your interviewee enjoy remembering when they were young enough to play instead of work?

This week’s Maths is based around TIME. Have a quick refresh about how to read an analogue clock  – one of those old-fashioned ones with hands! 🙂

We have our first swimming session on Tuesday 16 May – might be a good time to check your cossie/trunks still fit!

Mrs Burrin

7 May


It was a Frothy Friday for the Woodpeckers!

Well, we finally did it… our volcanoes erupted with a bubbling mass of foamy froth – many of the Woodpeckers are keen to repeat the experience at home – it’s simple, cheap, effective & easy to clean up, so don’t be too scared grown ups! Have a nose at the photo’s on the class carousel.

It’s our last week of swimming this coming week, therefore my last chance to remind you all to pack certain items      😉     in with your towel & make sure you bring a snack or some money for some. I am going to miss our swimming sessions, but we shall finish in style…

Mrs M.

Kingfishers… aka ‘movie stars’!


This week we started our Hollywood topic and investigated a range of things! This included studying the history of film, looking at how silent movies were made and even made our own! We finished our week by listening to a range of theme tunes from famous films. We will continue to focus on film music in particular next week. To link with or new topic we began looking at film reviews in Literacy and will finish writing these next week. In maths we finished our unit on fractions including how to calculate fractions of amounts.


Spellings will be tested on Monday and new spellings handed out the same day (hopefully).

Homework has been set in the children’s purple books. This week it contains two tasks. The first is Literacy/topic and the second is a few tasks set on Mathletics to prepare the children for future learning.

Our PE days are Tuesday (come to school in PE kit) and Friday! Finally, 2 minute chats will continue this week with Lucie, Rebecca, Lyla, Will and Isaac.

Enjoy the weekend,

Mr Piper (05/05/17)

robins’ Thursday

Today the Robins have worked on writing sentences about our story ‘Daisy’s giant sunflower’ and practised listening to the sounds in words and remembering which letters represent these.  They have taken part in sentence of the day and we worked outside with the texture kitchen, the instruments, duplo, train track and village and we they were very excited to have a try on our new stage!  The children began planting bean seeds and writing labels for these and we also began trying to take away by counting backwards.  This was very tricky so please have a go with your Robin at home! 🙂

Robins’ Wednesday

The Robins have had a busy day today – they have all taken part in a guided reading session with a member of the Robins’ team, they have painted a sunflower and written about it and we’ve continued to work on adding by counting on from one number to the sum.  This afternoon we had a visitor who showed the children how to make a flower arrangement.  Jenny brought lots of foliage which the children loved arranging in their oasis and they then added some flowers as the finishing touch.  The Robins were so proud of their work – we hope you’re enjoying it too! 🙂

Robins’ Tuesday

Today the Robins worked on a new method of adding two numbers together.  Instead of counting both sets together, we worked at counting the number in the first set and then counting on from that number to give the total for two sets.  The children grasped this well on the carpet and then tried to transfer the skill into small group activities.  We’ll continue to work on this, and later on subtraction by counting backwards for the next two weeks.

We worked on writing cvcc words and revisited all our Phase 3 sounds.  Please could you look at these with your child – they’re in their sound books.

The children made collage sunflowers and these have been put around our garden centre role play.  We have begun to make a boat in the Robins’ garden using a gigantic box!

As part of your reading with your child, please could you work on the Phase 3 tricky words?  These can catch the children out, but by learning them they dramatically increase the fluency of their reading.  Thank you 🙂

Be Prepared Woodpeckers!

Don’t forget, tomorrow is Tuesday… so come to school with your swimwear on under your uniform & bring your ‘wot nots’ in a separate bag with your towel. Please can you also bring a snack to eat when we get back to school -you’ll need it after all that hard work in the pool.

Hope you’ve had a fantastic long weekend!

Mrs M.

From Spaldwick to Hollywood..Kingfisher news


This week we finished our ‘Local History’ topic and had a fantastic trip to Ely Cathedral on Tuesday. Next week we will be starting our topic of ‘A place far away’ with links to Hollywood…. it is going to be great fun! In Literacy we continued to look at persuasive leaflets and even created our own based on our favourite attraction. In maths we started our unit on fractions including how to add and subtract these. Next week we will continue with fractions buy green xanax bars when looking at how to calculate fractions of amounts.


Spellings will be tested on Monday and new spellings handed out the same day.

Homework has been set in the children’s purple books. This week it is a Literacy based task in preparation for next weeks Literacy learning.

Our PE days are Tuesday (come to school in PE kit) and Friday! Finally, 2 minute chats will begin again this week with Sophia, Bradley, Aisla, Andrew and Adrian up this week.

Enjoy the weekend,

Mr Piper (28/04/17)