Robins’ Tuesday

Today the Robins had a lovely visit from Mrs Middleton who came to talk to the children about living in Greece.  They tried to write their names in Greek (which was very tricky!) and had the chance to taste some water melon and olives. We also learned how to say “Hello”, “Thank you” and “Take care!” in Greek  🙂

We have begun a block of work about going around the world; the Robins made passports and flew to France yesterday and found out about the Eiffel Tower, the Mona Lisa, the Louvre and learned some French words!  They have made lovely collages of the Eiffel tower and tasted croissant which they cut in half so that everyone could have some.

This week we’ll also be journeying to India and after that…. who knows?!

Kingfishers weekly update…


This week we continued our learning of ‘Animals including Humans’ and looked at environmental changes and the direct effect of humans on animals becoming endangered and extinct. We explored things such as urbanisation, deforestation, invasive species, natural disasters and global warming.  In Literacy we began to look at newspapers including headlines, straplines and introductions  and will be carrying on this work next week, writing our own articles. Finally, in maths we began our work on the ‘four operations’ by looking at division. We will spend next week looking at addition and subtraction using a formal written method.


There will be no spellings for the rest of term, the children have completed the yearly circuit of spellings using the ‘rising stars’ scheme.

Homework will be set in purple books: the children need to write a persuasive letter/persuasive poster to prevent global warming. They need to explain what global warming is, the effect it has on our planet and what we can do to stop it.

Our PE days are Tuesday (come to school in PE kit) and Friday with Mrs Dean. Two minute chats this week will be on Thursday with Sophia, Bradley, Aisla and Andrew presenting.

Enjoy the weekend,

Mr Piper (07.07.17)


Every P.E. lesson there is at least one person, but usually more, without a full kit, and some are frequent offenders. After today there won’t be any more lending of kits or using school shoes. A school P.E. kit; shorts, white t-shirt and trainers, MUST be in school every day until much closer to the end of term. Hopefully we’ll get to play some rounders matches against other classes which could happen on any day, but at the moment we don’t have kits even on standard P.E. days.

If your child’s PE is missing items, then please do come in and check the ever growing lost property box – I have been through it several times recently, however items are unnamed and the children don’t recognise them.

There are very few water bottles coming into the classroom, again they need to be in every day – please make sure they are clearly named too!

Your support is greatly appreciated,

Mrs Mallace