Robins’ Thursday

The Robins have had a lovely day today – we’ve been thinking about scarecrows and have sung ‘I’m a dingle dangle scarecrow’ and then decorated and cut out clothes to make our own scarecrows.  The children have worked on a maths activity to practise counting and recognising numbers and they’ve worked in the Robins’ garden.

We have been working on Phase 1 phonics – and will be until half term – and today we went outside to listen to drum beats and to try to count them and clap them back.

If you haven’t yet returned your parents evening slips, please do as the slots are filling up very quickly!

Robins’ Tuesday

Today the children worked on some pencil control activities and tried to match sheep to their lambs and they counted scarecrows and matched them to their numerals.  You’ll be able to see our fabulous owls on display when you come in for parents’ evenings and the children also practised their fine motor skills with the peg boards and puzzles.  We had our session in the studio this afternoon when the children sang nursery rhymes and then drew their favourite.

We have begun Phase 1 of our phonics programme and we went for a listening walk around the school to hear all the different sounds that we could.

If you’re out and about and find any conkers or acorns, we’d be happy to have some in school for the children to work with!

Finally,  please check your emails as we are sending out emails about our 2Build a Profile system.  Thank you 🙂

Robins’ Monday

We have had a very busy day in Robins today!  The children have practised writing their names, they’ve made towers and trains with the coloured cubes and they have sorted our little people into sets.  The children loved working with the play dough, they made life cycle puzzles and they have worked on their owls ready to put up on our display.

They have also had their first PE session!  This was very exciting, they tried very hard to look after their clothes while they were getting changed and we hope that they have come home in their own!  They worked on listening skills while we walked, jogged and ran around the hall before they then began to use some of our equipment in the hall.  We are saving the wall bars for another week 🙂

Please could you ensure that your child’s clothes have their names in – we had a few tricky moments today!

Robins’ Tuesday

The Robins are thinking about Nursery Rhymes for the next two weeks and today we focussed on ‘This little piggy went to market’ and ‘Old MacDonald’.  The children made collage pictures of pigs and they drew pictures of farm animals and wrote little captions to go with these.  They have worked on the computers to draw farm animals and used the play dough to make animals too.  We have been painting and using the instruments outside, the children are loving the Robins’ garden and have been practising with the bikes and scooters and they’ve been building farms with the duplo.

We have started joining the rest of the school for assemblies and of course lunchtimes are another excitement during the day!  The children are continuing to get used to these routines and the rest of the school are really enjoying spending time with them 🙂

Week 3 for the Eagles


So two weeks have already passed and wow we have gotten through a lot!

Over the last two weeks we began our ‘Healthy Living’ science topic with a focus on our diet including the food groups and their effects on the body. Next week we will begin looking at the effects of exercise on the body, including the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. In maths we looked at column addition and were confidently able to calculate the value of missing numbers and solve a range of multi-step word problems. Our work on the four operations carry on this week when looking at column subtraction. In Literacy we will continue looking at the work of Roald Dahl with ‘George’s marvellous medicine’ being our class reader whilst looking at the features of instructional writing.


PE will be on Monday morning (first thing) so make sure you come into school in your PE kit.

Spellings should be handed our tomorrow in preparation for our first spellings test next Monday (26.09.17).

Lastly, homework was handed out yesterday so don’t forget to hand it in by Thursday.

Hope you had a good weekend,

Mr Piper (17.09.2017).

Robins’ first days

The Robins are settling into school really well and have been exploring the classroom and Robins’ garden.

We have begun our baseline assessments today but are focussing mainly on working alongside the children and helping them to learn and adjust to the new routines and expectations of school.

All the Robins received a gingerbread robin from FOSS today, this has an invitation to our barbecue attached.  We hope you can come along as there will be lots to do!

Some of the children have been a bit disappointed that they aren’t receiving milk – if you would like your child to have milk, please look on the school website for the link to ‘Cool Milk’ where you can sign them up.

Welcome Red Kites!

I hope you have all had a lovely Summer. I’m looking forward to seeing you tomorrow, all refreshed and ready for the start of a new school year.

Don’t forget to bring in your journey representations to share with the class, I have heard about some of them and they sound great.

PE days will be Wednesdays and Thursdays and will start this week, so please don’t forget your kits.

Mrs Roberts