Monday in the Robins

We have had a lovely day in the Robins, the children have told me all about their snow day yesterday and the snowmen and snow animals that they made, sounds fabulous. We read ‘The Snowman’ story and sequenced some pictures to show their understanding, they were very good at this. Some of the children started phase 3 in phonics and as it started buy 1 mg xanax online with the alphabet song there isn’t a new sound in their books. Some of the children revisited the phase 2 sounds as there are some that they still find tricky. They will all have a new sound tomorrow. Enjoy the last bit of the snow as I think it will all be gone tomorrow!

Christmas is coming!


Christmas is around the corner, but still the Eagles are working incredibly hard! In topic this week we have continued our focus on WW2, with the lessons this week looking at a WW2 Christmas. In Literacy we finished our diary writing with some incredibly powerful, emotive pieces. In maths we completed a week on BIDMAS including creating some songs/raps to help us remember our order of operations and some fabulous board games to test our knowledge.


PE will return on Monday morning so the children must come to school in PE kit. Our sessions at Kimbolton buy ambien over the counter swimming have now finished.

Our last spellings test of this term will happen on Monday. A range of new words for the children to practice and work through after Christmas will be prepared during the Christmas break.

Homework was handed out on Monday this week (4th December) and needs to be handed back in on Monday (11th December. Also, I have set homework on Mathletics for the children to complete by next Friday (15th December).

Enjoy your weekend,

Mr Piper (08.12.2017)

Robins Thursday

We have had a very exciting day today, ask your Robin who we were fortunate enough to see and talk to on the computer this morning, I’m sure they will tell you every detail. The children have drawn wonderful pictures of their characters in the nativity and had a go at writing who they played. We also continued our work on Percy the Park keeper by ordering the characters by size, the children loved this activity and were very good at it too. Finally we made marshmallow snowmen and amazingly I think all of them made it out of the classroom before they were eaten! They looked very tasty.

Blackbirds Thursday

The Blackbirds had a very busy day today with a wonderful start!  We had a video chat with Father Christmas!  He said how much he liked coming to Spaldwick and had received some questions from the children!  Four Blackbirds asked him some more questions and the Robins and Swifts were so excited to see him in his house at the North Pole – a really lovely treat!

After this the Blackbirds completed their Sentence of the Day and then where to buy gabapentin 300 mg for dogs wrote about how they feel in different parts of the Christmas production.  Some brilliant words were used 🙂  We then carried out surveys about Christmas and then transferred this data onto bar charts.  The children answered extension questions to work with the data they’d collected.

Finally today we watched a video clip of how to create a snowy pastel Christmas tree and the children each created their own.  Beautiful work followed with some very proud children.

Wednesday in Robins

We have had a busy day in the Robins, the children have worked really hard. They are now all in possession of either a word bag or sound bag, please can they practise these as much as they can and if you have any questions about how to use them or games you can play with them, please come in and ask. The red books went home today in the end as the children then have them to complete any sounds that they have missed and practise what we have already learnt before we start phase 3. We continued our work on subtraction today and the children have been working practically taking a one digit number away from another one digit number. We have also made a start on Christmas cards, they are looking fab!

Phonics books

Hello, I just wanted to let you all know that we have finished Phase 2 in phonics and we will be starting phase 3 on Monday. The children therefore won’t have their red books sent home for the rest of this week but it will start again on Monday.  Enjoy the performances this evening and tomorrow evening, I think by the end of the week there will be some very tired little Robins.

Fab first day in the Robins

I have had a great first day in the Robins getting to know everyone. We have recapped on all of the phonics sounds that we have learnt so far and used them to help us write a sentence about what we would like Father Christmas to bring us, I think the elves are going to be busy! The children loved decorating our class Christmas tree and adding some stars that they have made, it looks fabulous. The production this afternoon was amazing, it was the first time I had seen it and it was clear to see that all of the children have worked very hard.