Kestrel poets reciting in the rainforest!

The rainforest has taken over the Kestrels’ classroom, creating a lovely setting for their poetry recitals – each and every one of which has been fantastic & I can’t wait to hear the rest! Take a look at the carousel of photo’s on our class page, and maybe you could come in for a closer look during the open evening next week.

Grown ups please can you help your Kestrel put maximum effort into their homework (including them reading & discussing their books with you)- it is all aimed at helping their progress.

Many thanks,

Mrs Mallace

Exciting week in the Robins!

What a busy and exciting week in the Robins! We have been focussing on ‘Owl Babies’ this week and the children have loved it. We were very lucky to have Forest Ian and his owl Indiana visiting us on Monday. The children asked some fabulous questions and learnt some very interesting facts. We have written a letter to Forest Ian to say thank you for bringing buy ambien cr generic Indiana to visit us and we have been very impressed with how much their writing is improving, well done Robins! We have also been ordering numbers to 10 and 20 and even writing some of our own number sentences. I’m sure there will be some tired Robins this weekend as they have worked their little socks off.

The Robins Team (-:

Another busy week


Another productive week for the Eagles with some exceptional art work and pieces of writing being completed. In Literacy we started work on play scripts including the children acting and performing scripts before writing continuations based on a given text. In Maths we have started work on ‘measurement and conversion’ and have covered a range of metric units. First, we measured the height of animals using mm and cm before moving on to distances and measuring between cm and m and lastly m to km. In science we have continued our work on adaptations and food chains and will continue with this during science next week.

This week, homework will be handed out on Monday (29th January) in purple books. This will need to be handed back in before Monday 5th February so that we can go through the answers before half term.

PE will be on Monday so the children should come to school in PE kits.

Enjoy your weekend!

Mr Piper

Just William

I hope you have all had a lovely weekend and you have enjoyed the little bit of snow today!

I am really looking forward to our ‘Just William’ writing this week. We will be watching ‘The School Report’ tomorrow morning to start us thinking of our very own mischievous ‘Just William’ stories.

Teddy Bears’ Picnic

The Blackbirds have succeeded in reaching their next treat on our 100 square.

A Teddy bears’ picnic!

We will have this next Tuesday afternoon (23rd) so your Blackbird needs to bring a favourite bear or cuddly toy to school and I’ll organise some edible treats! T

They moved on 2 squares today :

1 for amazing concentration in their big writing task on India

and 1 for their fabulous art work of the Taj Mahal

Red Kites

We have had a very productive couple of days in the Red Kites. What a great start to the week!

Just a reminder that indoor PE kit is needed for tomorrow (Wednesday 17th January). Our PE days are Tuesday and Wednesday.

All Red Kites parents should be receiving a Parent Mail tonight regarding a Just William DVD.

Fab Monday in the Robins!

We have had a lovely day in the Robins. Despite the rain, we managed to get outside this afternoon and saw a double rainbow, the children were very excited. We read ‘Can’t you sleep little bear?’ and the children wrote about what they would give the bear to help him sleep, they had some lovely ideas. We also started to make a patchwork paper blanket for the bear and so far we have some wonderful designs. In PE this afternoon, the children experienced some yoga! They loved it and I was impressed with how well they took to it and what they could do! The first ‘sharing bag’ went home today, please can it come back in by Friday so that the next person can take it home for the weekend.

Eagles update


A great first full week back with plenty of hard work in preparation for next week. We have continued our work on non-chronological reports during Literacy and completed plenty of work on fractions during maths with a particular focus on how to multiply and divide them. In science we have been looking at how to classify animals through the ‘Linnaen’ system and have began to investigate the processes of adaptation and evolution.


Homework has been handed out today and the children will need to complete both activities and have their book handed back in by next Thursday (18th January).


Next week the children will be taking part in Mock SATs in the school buy xanax 2mg bars hall. The papers are split across 3 days with a total of 5 for them to complete. Here is a rough guideline of when we expect each paper to take place.

Monday AM: SPAG including spellings (9.15 – 10.15)                  Monday PM: Maths reasoning (10.45 – 11.45).

Tuesday AM: reading comprehension (9.15 – 10.15)                   Tuesday PM: Maths reasoning 2 (10.45 – 11.45).

Wednesday AM: Arithmetic (9.45 – 10.15)

As a result of mock SATs is does mean that our timetable will be altered slightly. Thus, the children should not come to school in PE kit on Monday.


Mr Piper

Fab start to the week in Robins!

The Robins have had a fab, busy week so far. We have been mixing paints to make different shades of all of the colours in the rainbow, painted pieces of pasta, threaded them on some wool and turned them into rainbow necklaces. The children have been demonstrating their counting skills and we have been writing some addition number sentences. We have been focussing on the story ‘Night monkey, day monkey’ this week and the children have been looking at nocturnal animals and have produced some beautiful display work. In PE we investigated different ways of moving across the floor and along a bench! We discovered that we could move on our tummies, bottoms, hands and feet. We even managed to start some group reading too, it was lovely to hear the children reading to each other and from it we had some great discussions about the books.