Another packed week for the Kestrels!  We’ve been working on solving word problems using all four operations in maths, in Literacy we’ve worked on comprehension while still keeping our focus on spelling and punctuation and our tennis skills and throwing and catching skills are really coming on through our PE sessions.  In French we learned how to order food in a café and today the children have learned some British Sign Language in their science lesson 🙂

Father’s Day Event

Wow! What an amazing afternoon we had.

We had lots of very special Dads, Granddads, Uncles and Brothers queuing up to join us and in the end we had a grand total of 60 special visitors.

Everyone seemed to love spending the afternoon in school, the children definitely enjoyed having you. It became very competitive but after careful consideration, Jack was announced the winner with a tower reaching the dizzy height of 94 cm.

Thank you all, you were amazing!

Kestrels’ week

The Kestrels have had another busy week with a block of work on reading comprehension and solving maths word problems for the Year 3s along with our continued work in French on developing our vocabularies.  This week we worked on learning the names of classroom objects such as ‘cahier, stylo et baton de coll’ (ask your Kestrel to translate for you!  Our clay is looking buy cheap clonazepam stunning now that we’ve painted our plaques – these will be on display at our summer ter parents’ evening.  The children’s tennis skills are developing really well and this week we practised rallies with partners.  Congratulations to all the children for a brilliant sports afternoon – they really excelled themselves!  And thank you too to FOSS for our ice pops!  So refreshing!


The Year 3 Kestrels have had a very busy week!  We’ve been working on using apostrophes for contractions of words and for showing possession, we’ve practised handwriting and spelling nouns and their plurals in Literacy and in maths we’ve worked on column subtraction and multiplication.  All Kestrels worked with the Clay Lady today – their work is fantastic and will be exhibited at our summer open evening!  We’ve begun a block of work on sound in science and the children have worked on feelings in French.  Our PSHE unit is ‘Staying safe’ which we began this week and in art the children learned about the colour wheel.  Mrs Wisbey worked with us on developing our tennis skills through HSSP and we have been playing rounders in our other PE session.

I hope your Kestrel has showed you their homework, it’s due in on Wednesday, in the meantime, please continue to read with your child and let us know how they got on in their diary.  Have a lovely weekend, Mrs Arbuthnott 🙂

School Trip

The Red Kites have been busy writing letters today to ‘persuade’ Mrs Worrell about our school trip which is fast approaching on Friday 29th June. They made some very good points!

Just a reminder that ParentPay is available to make your contribution towards the trip.

Also, keep your eyes peeled on Facebook for pictures from our exciting afternoons where we have made catapults, parachutes and balancing parrots!

Cricket Eaton Socon

UPDATE: for those children who received a letter before half term regarding cricket at Eaton Socon, please note there is a change in time and we will now be leaving at 12.45pm prompt from school. Thank you Mr Piper