To celebrate Harvest, we will be ‘living off the land’ and using an apple press to make apple juice! 

If you spot any fallen apples or know someone with an apple tree, please could you collect them and send them into school. 

We need them for the last week of term. 

Thank you for your help 😊


Did you receive an invitation to our online safety assembly? The NSPCC are working with us this term to help children learn about how to keep themselves safe and their first session is for parents.

You are invited to join us on Monday 24th September from 9-10am to learn about online safety. Let’s work together and keep your children safe.

Welcome Blackbirds

Are you all ready for tomorrow? I’m really looking forward to seeing you again.

Remember  to go on the Live kitchen website and order your school meal.

PE kits will be needed next week, our sessions will be on Wednesday and Thursday

see you soon!