Robins’ Monday

The Robins were excited to find some visitors in the classroom today!  We have some lovely stripy snails which we looked closely at.  We saw the two pairs of horns – your Robin will tell you what they’re for, we found the little hole that the snail breathes through and we looked at the snail’s foot.  Afterwards, the Robins began a block of work on non-fiction writing and wrote some facts about the snails.  There was more excitement when we opened a parcel which had some tiny baby caterpillars inside!  These will hopefully grow into big caterpillars, make cocoons and then hatch into butterflies after half term.

The children planted some tomato plants, looked at their bean seeds which have germinated and we also practised for sports day in our PE lesson.

Please remember that tomorrow’s our Minibeast day – we’re really looking forward to seeing the children in their outfits 🙂  And if you have a little contribution to our picnic we’d also be very grateful.

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